3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 20, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 20, 2022

Three zodiac signs have a great day on January 20, 2022, and they are Pisces, Cancer, and Libra.

As we continue on into the serene waters before the tides of change start churning, remember that no matter what happens we can move through it with peace.  

We are invited to peel back the layers today under the Leo/Virgo Moon inviting us to see that while it may seem that nothing is really happening on the surface, whole worlds are being torn down and recreated just out of our reach of vision.  

The energy today carries a bit of yesterday with it as we are experiencing a sky free of transits from January 18th - January 22nd with today being the midpoint of this phase.  

While we so often are prone to focusing on the times of busy transits, we don’t often realize that five days of no planetary activity is rare occurring only every so often. 

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This period of calm tends to happen after a great deal of activity and before more will be coming into play, which is exactly where we find ourselves now. 

But even calm carries a lesson. 

Just like in our physical lives when we are busy and have our days full, we often are able to keep at bay our true feelings or desires.  

This is even why some of us have the preoccupation of being busy because as long as we’re moving it seems the truth isn’t given a chance to catch up to us.  

Today though we’re being invited into the calm. We’re being invited to take a break and feel what we’ve been trying to avoid so that we can heal it thanks to the combination of the Leo/Virgo Moon. 

While emotions may have been high earlier in the month under the Aquarius Sun, we’re searching for new ways of doing things that will allow us to quietly start to plan how we might do things differently.  

There’s no doubt that the momentum in our lives will start to pick up as we start February, for now, though it’s simply about realizing that once we’ve become the calm within the storm, there will never be the need to fear when those tides of change do start turning.  

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 20, 2022 


(February 19 - March 20) 

As a Pisces, you are no stranger to just observing a situation before you react, but today’s energy hits a bit different as you realize how powerful that trait makes you. Often seen as soft and sensitive, you have perfected the art of letting those qualities be what gives you strength.

You have no problem seeing with your eyes and heart wide open, which is even more important this week. With Aquarius and Capricorn lighting up your twelfth and eleventh houses it’s time to see what others may have wanted to prevent you from seeing. Even if this is just your own worth dear Pisces.

While you are still a month away from your Solar Return there are important truths to be seen today about your own subconscious and those feelings and actions of those you have considered close to you, at least up until this point.

The Moon will transit from your sixth to your seventh house today activating health and relationships so that you will be seeing things from a more healed perspective rather than wounded.

This is often a big developmental milestone in the life of a Pisces because it’s what ultimately stops you from being a martyr of love and instead sets you up to attract exactly what it is you deserve-and most important, what deserves you as well.  

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(June 21 - July 22) 

While Venus and Pluto are still moving through your seventh house of relationships, the Sun just transited into your eighth lighting up taboo topics like sex, death, and transformation.

This is a key year for you, Cancer as you are going to see changes ripple across your personal life with many of them happening within these first few months of the year.

The thing with our eighth house is that many times the new awareness or even transformations that it brings aren’t truly seen until later on. This happens as we encounter an old scenario but now realize that we’re no longer the person that we were before.

Today’s timeline shifts you ahead of this because while your seventh and eighth are undergoing renovations your second and third are being activated highlighting themes around value and communication. As a Cancer one of the things, you inherently have to learn is to speak up when something first happens, rather than just sitting with it.

These important conversations around past events will be the focus today. There may be a feeling of not wanting to show all your cards just yet because it doesn’t feel like everything else is in place, however, you should still be able to share some of your truth without divulging what you’re going to do with it.

Allow yourself to take advantage of the energy and remember that those that can’t bear to hear your truth are those who don’t deserve it.  

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(September 23 - October 22) 

This year is about rebuilding things on your terms. After the lessons of last fall, there’s been newfound respect for your own needs, having to be a priority as well. Whether in terms of career, friendships, or even in romantic relationships.

The time has passed of overly self-sacrificing in hopes that one day the other person will want to reciprocate your energy. This has opened the door for growth in the next year. With your fourth house having been activated by Venus Rx you’re likely gaining some new perspective on why you had allowed what you did for so long, as well as being given chances to fix things.

This is your house of home and family so while the work here is not complete, in combination with your sixth house now under focus with Aquarius you’ll be more apt to be making healthy decisions where you are speaking up.

Today’s Moon brings attention to your eleventh and twelfth houses which ask you to make sure you are doing just that. It's no surprise that to keep the peace in the past you’ve often chosen to stay quiet over those things that matter most to you, but today’s astrology is reminding you that you haven’t gone through all you have for nothing.

Peace is important, but once you become your own you realize that a big part of maintaining that is continuing to honor yourself above all others.  

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