3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 19, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 19, 2022

Today as we begin Aquarius Season, we are finding ourselves in an in-between of sorts between the lives we have been living and we know the ones we’re meant to step into. 

Often times in astrology we will be caught in an absence of time.  

A space between powerful transits, a time of transition where we are left to do nothing but pause and embrace the slowness or at least the absence of chaos.  

The energy today is just that.  

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After having our first Full Moon of 2022, Mercury turns Retrograde, Uranus and Ceres turn direct, and now today the Sun moving into Aquarius to start a brand-new season, we’re now in a time beyond time.  

When so many big transits happen in just a few days of each other as we just say we’re often left feeling like we have to acclimate to the new energy.  

We are being helped through by the Universe, just as we always are, so we are headed into a multiday period where there are no big transits happening, this means that without different planets forming usually their daily trines or oppositions, for example, we’re going to be asked to pay attention to what has just happened.  

All of this is for a purpose though as once this quiet period is over; we will start to see more activity pick up with Venus turning Direct alongside some other movement-orientated transits.  

What we often struggle with is that feeling of in-between.  

It’s a natural part of life and of change, as we can’t always be moving full force ahead, we need time to pause and to practice the space of adjusting, reflecting and of course patience.  

This is perhaps the biggest test that we’re all within right now, patience.  

It’s easy to give up hope, but those that do never see their dreams come to fruition.  

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 19, 2022 


(January 20 - February 18) 

It’s your season Aquarius, which means that it’s time to shine! You always feel more empowered and yourself during your solar return, but this year is a bit more special thanks to all the potent astrology that we have going on.

Today is the start of this and it should be celebrated because this year is going to be one that truly brings about a different level of creation in your life. You’re starting this solar return with the Moon in Leo lighting up your seventh house of relationships which means today should be filled with passion and truth-centered conversations from the heart.

This plays into having your fourth house of home and family affected this year by the change of the lunar nodes into Taurus/Scorpio. There are changes to be made in who you call family and even where you call home.

While these are changes that will play out more long-term, today’s energy is asking you to reconnect to your authenticity and your heart because it’s these two pieces that truly make you unstoppable.  

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(July 23 - August 22) 

As the Moon continues to move through your sign today the Sun will transition into Aquarius lighting up your seventh house of relationships just in time to make the most of the energy. With Venus still Rx it’s likely you’re reflecting on your true feeling about a particular relationship, or even sorting through recent truths that have emerged that were previously hidden.

This is all part of you seeing the whole picture, both in terms of yourself and others as well. While it can be romantic to simply follow our heart and be set to the best possible outcome happening, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the path we’re supposed to take.

One of the things that you’ve been learning is what the path of real stable forever love actually looks like. With Aquarius in your seventh today as the Moon helps you to feel all your feelings, you’ll be able to take a more authentic approach to your relationship, but this also affects the relationship that you have with everything in your life. The more honest you are about who you truly are and what you feel, then the more in alignment what you attract will be.  

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(December 22 - January 19) 

As much as you always benefit from your solar return, this year with so many planets joining the party in your zodiac sign it was a little much even for you.

Just because there was a lot of benefit to this time doesn’t mean that you’re not exhausted and likely ready for a bit of a break, or even just a chance to slow down and reset. This is your time now Capricorn as the Sun slides into Aquarius, you’ll be able to feel like some of the pressure has been removed from you.

This will help you to reset your priorities and perspective so that they are based on your new healing and energy instead of that from the past. This means no longer forcing things that aren’t working, no longer attaching your worth to the opinions of others, or even whether an idea or relationship is ultimately successful.

But most importantly, this marks the end of your thinking that somehow you don’t deserve a fresh start. No matter what has happened before you are free to create what will be and there’s no more important reminder than today’s astrology to help you see just that.  

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