3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 27, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 27, 2021

Under the Libra Moon, we are encouraged to find balance with all the Venus-Pluto conjunction brought up for us helping us find ease with moving forward in our lives.  

While we are on the brink of change in our lives this time it comes without impulsiveness or pressure.  

It’s almost as if the more comfortable we have gotten with knowing that things will be changing, the more we understand that we can’t always control what that means.  

As beneficial as the Venus-Pluto conjunction has been in helping us deal with our shadow side and truths about our relationships with others, it hasn’t been the easiest to move through.  

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Today though is worth celebrating as it’s the last day that these two will connect until February when they start to revisit these same degrees because of Venus’s retrograde.  

But even that is short-lived as she’ll be moving faster because she will be direct.  

The next time this comes up will be January 1st of 2023, so it’s important to make the most of this transit now as it will be a year until we’re fully able to take advantage of it again.

Today, though in the final hours of this transit, we are able to look back over the past four weeks and see how our perspective has changed and how we are now different because of that.  

The Libra Moon will be helping us find balance both within ourselves and our relationships with others today, helping us reach more compromise within them.  

While the Cap Sun is still encouraging us to start planning for the future, there is also a contentedness about being where we are right now.  

The most important lesson that it seems we’ve learned over the last few weeks is that no matter what goes on outside of us, or how life changes, we will be okay. 

This helps us see that we can pause in between mountains to rest, knowing that when the time comes, we’ll be strong enough to climb into that next chapter which is sure to be the most beautiful yet.  

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 27, 2021  


(September 23 - October 22) 

As the Moon transits your sign today, you are brought to a greater depth of your feelings that you’ve allowed yourself to feel for some time. As much as relationships are important for you, the one that you have with yourself is often something that you struggle to fully embrace even if you know just how important it is.

The thing is that in recent months or even weeks you’ve learned that if you don’t fully embrace your own feelings then you automatically end up putting up walls with those that you want to have relationships with. It doesn’t matter if it’s family, friends or even lovers.

Today though with the ongoing Venus retrograde hitting your fourth house of home and family and Neptune in Pisces lighting up your sixth house of health, you’ll be actively focusing on making healthier decisions and forging better connections.

Libra will always rule your first house of self which means that not only will you be feeling your feelings today and finding greater balance and acceptance of them but that you will also be able to truly see your own self in a new light. This is a huge part of how your fourth house will continually be affected by this retrograde, helping you see what it is you do truly deserve and helping you achieve it.

We still have Mercury Neptune sextile today which is what is affecting your sixth house, so conversations around just this are possible. Just remember that you’ll never have to truly force something that is meant for you.  

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(February 19 - March 20) 

Even though it’s not your season (just yet!) you’re getting a little bonus of great energy today as the Mercury Neptune sextile is still exact. This will end up amplifying your natural energy. As the last sign of the zodiac, you are known to be the closest to the divine and because of that can come often come across as otherworldly. Today Neptune’s energy will be working with you to help you seem even more dreamy and romantic. You’ll come across as softer and more at ease with life.

Part of this is just because that’s who you are, but with Neptune affecting everyone today others will appreciate this side of you even more. It may make you want to have a little quieter laid back snuggle time, but even in that there will be a quiet peace that others will want to be around.

You could find yourself sharing romantic dreams or even fantasies today, which is all part of that elusive charm that often others lack the words to describe. Remember though that while sharing dreams and fantasies are important, we also have to make sure we’re planting the roots for them to actually grow too.

This is the influence of Mercury in Cappy right now. It’s not a downer so much as a reminder to not just have easy conversations of dreams but to also talk about how to make them happen. If it’s a solo dream then spend time journaling about how it could happen because once Jupiter hits your sign tomorrow, the future will have arrived Pisces.  

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(December 22 - January 19) 

You have a lot of action in your chart right now with the Sun, Venus and Mercury all moving through your sign. This should really be giving you a lot of energy and perspective to start working towards what it is you want to experience in the next chapter of your life.

But with Venus RX affecting you there may be more delays or stalling happening right now. Try to see the benefit within it. Even if you have felt like you can’t quite connect dots that would normally seem so easy to it’s not because anything is wrong but because as someone that tends to work fast and hard, you’re being taught that you can also work passively too.

Take the time that you have right now, especially thanks to the Mercury Neptune sextile, which is affecting your third house of communication, to really think about what it is you want to accomplish next. Start somewhere unfamiliar and instead of looking at what you want to achieve, look for how you want to feel.

This is foreign for you likely, but something that will be able to provide you with the roots that you truly need to do things differently. This slowness is also asking you to keep your head up. Sometimes you get so focused on moving ahead you end up counting the steps that you're taking instead of seeing where it’s actually leading you.

Today is a day to have some reflective conversations, talking with a lover or friends about your plans or even what you’ve previously learned and to receive the pace that you’re being asked to go at right now. It’s great that you have all this energy and desire to move forward, but sometimes it’s also about learning how to just relax into life too and not push so hard.  

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