3 Zodiac Signs Whose Luck In Love Improves During Sun Sextile Jupiter Starting December 20, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Luck In Love Improves During Sun Sextile Jupiter Starting December 20, 2021

Luck in love improves when we make the effort to provide a space for that luck.

On December 20, we'll have Sun sextile Jupiter, which, by the nature of this transit's traits, demands that we make room for ourselves so that we can define what efforts need to be taken, and how we should go about maintaining this luck in love.

Our luck in love improves when we see ourselves clearly, and this kind of clarity lets us know what we need to work on, and what works just fine without any additional help.

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When we present ourselves to the world as confident, together and happy, we become magnetic to love; everybody wants us. They can't help it because people cannot help but become attracted to people who aren't a royal mess.

Now, if you ARE a royal mess, meaning that you continuously self-sabotage with cripplingly low self-esteem, then you might be waiting for another transit to blast you out of your shell.

For now, those who can find a place in their heart for hope, for self-love, and for a happy life: Sun sextile Jupiter may just be a very welcome addition to your lucky life.

Zodiac Signs Whose Luck In Love Improves During Sun Sextile Jupiter Starting December 20, 2021:


(July 23 - August 22)

Your luck in love has been improving for a while now, simply because you've had the presence of mind to help it out. You've come to realize that luck doesn't just happen. You make your own luck, and in terms of your own love life, it's the same.

You make it happen. When times are hard, you work around the problems, and together, you find a solution.

Sun Sextile Jupiter lets you see the outcome ahead of time because you are already in control of it, and this is because you are present; you do not just wait for change. You cause it to change, and your focus is unwavering; therefore you have success.

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November 22 - December 21)

Sun sextile Jupiter is like a study in Sagittarius' good fortune. This is your planet, Jupiter, and with it comes broad-minded thinking and the idea that everything is possible. Luck comes to you during this time simply because you believe.

You believe you are worthy of having a peaceful life, and you believe that you are someone who must be loved, respected, and honored. Your self-esteem is through the roof, and it's working for you. Make no mistake, self-esteem is not egomania.

You believe in yourself and therefore it's very easy for others to believe in you. In this regard, you will attract the right people into your circle, and love will come easily to you.

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(February 19 - March 10)

One of the things that define luck in love for you, Pisces, is the ability to get along with someone special enough to 'get you.' And this is exactly what's about to happen.

This isn't restricted to love affairs, however, as it can branch out into friendships, as well. Sun sextile Jupiter opens people's minds up. With this transit in place, many of us will be able to see certain people in our lives with a fresh new lens, and that is what's about to happen to the people in our life.

They are going to see YOU with a fresh new lens, and what they're going to see in you is exactly what you want them to see; a peaceful, happy person who welcomes in friendship and feels very lucky to be alive.

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