3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 7, 2021

As long as we choose our words carefully, we can make great strides today.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 7, 2021 Creativa Images/Shutterstock.com

While the last eclipse on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis has passed we will still be moving through the energy that it stirred up until the Full Moon in Gemini later in the month.

This creates the feeling that even though we may be busy with holiday plans and shopping, there’s something bigger in the works this month than just that party we’re looking forward to.

Today we still have the Mars Pluto sextile and the Mars Jupiter square in affect so there is a similar vibe to yesterday that we will be feeling today. This will prompt us to still be focusing on what we’re most passionate about, including making time for anything that has to do with intimacy and love.


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But Mars and Jupiter are prompting us to look at what we really want, beyond some fun time in the bedroom, which means we’re feeling more driven to figuring out how to put our long-term plans into action.

The only difference though is that today we will be experiencing a square between Mercury in Sag and Neptune in Pisces which could cause us to feel like we keep saying the wrong thing.

This isn’t necessarily a negative transit as it also pushes us to share our dreams with those who are a part of them, but we do have to make sure we slow down so that we truly say what we mean versus what we may fear.


We’re going to be feeling that influence of the Sagittarius Sun which is going to keep us focused on what truly matters while the Aqua moon will be tempting us with the unconventional and non-traditional helping us to see things from a different perspective which may just be the magic we’ve been looking for.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 7, 2021:


(January 20 - February 18)

The moon in your sign today will allow you to see how the changes in your feelings really are because of how much you have changed as a person. Because you often get so consumed with taking action on a personal and community level you tend to need to be reminded to slow down and actually look at how your internal world has affected everything else.

Make sure you give yourself credit today for the healing that you’ve done recently on what you’ve been through in the past, especially those situations in which you gave your power away. This could show up in romantic or even work relationships.


Don’t go too far down the rabbit hole though because all of this is in your past, so it’s just a matter of truly seeing that. Jupiter is in your sign today so his square to Mars will affect you more greatly hitting both your first and your tenth house which means you’ve either just gone through a career change or you are in the process of doing just that.

With the other transits happening today your second and eleventh houses will be affected too prompting you to remember as much as your independent, you’re not in this alone so using your tribe and community can actually help you create more of what you value, including greater financial abundance.

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(November 22 - December 21)


This is your season so as a mutable sign you are going through a lot of internal reflections about what has brought you to this space so that you can decide what next steps to take. We’re not talking about small things here but for you there are a lot of big things on the table this month like possible moves and even engagements.

Unexpected elopements are possible as well! It’s almost as if everything you’ve been through in the past six months has suddenly and maybe finally sunk in so that now it feels as if nothing is holding you back.

Today’s astrology will affect your first, second, fourth and twelfth houses. Because of finally learning a lot of lessons about yourself (first house) you’ve come to learn what you truly value (second house) upending any secrets that your twelfth house has been hiding so that now as you move through today and subsequent days, you’re apt to see big changes in your home and family (fourth house).

Everything ties in for you today so that you will feel that push to not be stuck where you’ve spent most of the year. Even with the confusing energy possible because of Mercury and Neptune you should be able to tap into the best part of the transit allowing you to share some deep hopes for the future with your family or current love interest.


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(August 23 - September 22)

The energy today should create a fantastic atmosphere for you to enjoy some holiday time with your family and friends. Even though you’re not seeing a lot of Virgo energy echoed in astrology, as a mutable sign you are going to be more positively affected by the recent Sagittarius New Moon and eclipse than others.

But the real gem for you is that the current transits will be affecting your third, fourth and fifth houses the most. Individually they are all positive placements for this time of year but together they mark a real turnaround in your personal life.


If you’ve been struggling with some holiday family drama or even being confused about a particular romantic relationship that seems at a stalemate, then astrology today should help you in overcoming the energy.

Even if you might be reluctant to communicate themes around what you want and need from people which is your third house, today’s astrology represents that once you do it will lead to greater happiness and even fun in your home or family environments.

As a mutable sign you are really being encouraged to leave behind the past including all the reasons why something now wouldn’t work, but ultimately you have to make the choice to believe this time can be different.

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