3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Week Starting December 13, 2021

Who's up for a great week?

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Week Starting December 13, 2021 Anton Jankovoy/Shutterstock.com

Who's up for a great week? I know I certainly could use one. Good thing, too, because thanks to the many and interesting transits that take place this week, it looks like many people are on their way to having a truly sublime week - and boy oh boy, don't we deserve it!

With a Waxing Moon in Aries to set the course for us right at the top of the week, and a smooth close, thanks to Venus Retrograde and Moon Trine Jupiter, we should be having a very fulfilling time in terms of love, activity and intelligent decision-making.


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It's almost as if many of us simply decided, en masse, to forget our troubles. Yes, yes, we all know we have 'things' to deal with, yet there's a power that comes with this weeks transits that helps us make up our own minds, and it just so happens that the majority of us opt for peace, fun, pleasure, love and contentment.

The next thing you know we'll be wanting Peace on Earth, we're such wacky humans, aren't we?

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have a Great Week Starting December 13, 2021:


(June 21 - July 22)


You've got something special going on this week, and it goes by the name of Moon in Cancer. It doesn't get any more 'Cancer' than that, which also implies that you will be comfortable in your surroundings this week, perhaps more than ever before.

This also suggests that you might be living in a new place, or that you're in a new environment, one of your choosing. Work looks very good for you in terms of bonus packages or end-of-year promotions, and your home life is exactly what you make of it, which, in your case means homey, delightful, warm, welcoming, private, and easy-going.

You welcome people over and they show you love. Venus Retrograde adds to your romantic life and you can definitely expect a few exciting and passionate nights with your loved one, this week.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Well, it's the last week of your reign as leader of the Sun Signs, as Sagittarius makes its last stand before resigning the throne to Capricorn. No biggie, you love Capricorn energy, but until it's time, you're going full on Sag, and that means, you're going to be in a creative tizzy.

Cancer Moon inspires you to take time off just to indulge in what you love to do, and Moon Trine Jupiter is basically there to make you feel like you know what to do — always.

Your self confidence is through the roof, yet you don't ask for much. The only thing you really want this week is exactly what you're about to get: freedom, creativity in abundance, time alone and major ideas for the future. Can't wait to dig in!


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(December 22 - January 19)

As the year winds down, so do you, but not without keeping an eye on the wind down as it happens. What's meant by that is that you're about to take a vacation from the usual; however, you'll have your eye on everything that goes on without you.

This implies that you'll be checking in with work, even if you're not there. Why would this make it a great week then, when it sounds like you'll be on a vacation where all you do is mind work? Why?

Because you wouldn't have it any other way and it pleases you very much to know that while you ARE away, you can stay in touch to make sure everything goes smoothly.


In a way, this shows that you have very little trust for your coworkers, but it also shows that you delight in the work place, and that even when you're not there, you can still show dedication. And in your case, dedication leads to perfection.

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