3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On November 24, 2021

All you can say is 'wow', glad this one is over.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On November 24, 2021 Pepgooner/Shutterstock.com

Wow. Sometimes the universe just hands you a day where your jaw drops in shock and you want to crawl back into bed to forget all that has happened.

Everyone will feel the tension of a difficult day, but for three zodiac signs who will have a rough day on November 24, 2021, it's more than just whacky.

Wednesday is beyond ridiculous for Aquarius, Taurus, and Gemini.

November 24, 2021, will be a rough day for these three zodiac signs because of the tension points taking place in the daily horoscope when you look at astrology. 

For example, Aquarius zodiac signs will have a tougher than usual day on November 24, because of some friendship drama.


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Taurus will have a rough day on Wednesday because of Uranus square Saturn. Changes need to be made, but nope. Nothing.

Yes, even the most stubborn sign will feel tension on a personal level when finding the courage to change is met with immovable forces caused by other people.

And, poor Gemini. Mercury in Sagittarius brings honesty to relationships, and devilish Pluto will have some Gemini zodiac signs oversharing and feeling like they should have kept their mouth closed until tomorrow.

Yes, it's not always good news in astrology, and everyone knows no one can have a great horoscope reading each day. 


The Sun in Sagittarius with Mercury encourages us all to face our fears head-on, and that's basically what we all must do no matter what the day brings.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On November 24, 2021:


(May 21 - June 20)

Even you and your overly optimistic side know better than to think that you can say anything you want and not have someone get their feelings hurt. And, if you're courageous enough, you'll send people to voicemail, not answer texts quickly, and reschedule any meetings that you're unprepared for.

With your ruling planet, Mercury just entering the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, things are still 'critical' for you. Mercury is all about honesty, and you are too, — to a degree. You don't want to commit to just one idea or one thing, heck, sometimes you dislike the idea of committing to just one person.


So, when asked how you truly feel about a particular situation or idea, you're not going to like feeling cornered. And, you will feel pushed into the corner with no way out but to say what you truly think... and your words are going to come out sideways, Gemini. You will say something a person does not want to hear, and truly you don't like being the one to tell them, either. 

November 24, is a day that is going to be particularly rough for you. Mark Wednesday on the books, underline it in red.

It will be the moment when your life took a different direction in an area of your life, perhaps for the worst. 

You will realize that should have just stuck to your guns and not shapeshifted into that people-pleaser you are prone to be, and this will make Wednesday a rough day, full of bad luck indeed, but now you'll know for next time — don't change unless it makes sense for you, first. 


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(April 20 - May 20)

It's rare to see you cry, but on November 24, you may be shedding angry tears grieving over the fact that you missed a window of opportunity when you should have taken action and you did not. 

Your stubborn ways have helped you to avoid catastrophe when it threatened to strike. You've been confident in this, but on Wednesday, this trait of yours is going to be your downfall. 

The fact that you've had to endure Uranus, the planet of chaos and change, in your sign for the last few years is a testament to the need for you to wake up and make some adjustments to your way of doing things. 


And today, you'll be so close... so ready to finally take the leap. It's taken time for you to think it over, and just when you are ready to pick up the phone, schedule an appointment, call a friend or family member to admit you were wrong, and you're so sorry, that's going to be when it can't happen, and it won't.

Why? Because Saturn, the planet of structure is going to speak to Uranus and say no, not now. We have decided to terminate your opportunity effective immediately.

And, it's going to pain you, Taurus, to know that you finally changed your mind and are so determined to make this new thing work, but that's been stripped from you. Stubborn you will have to deal, and maybe next time you will soften a bit sooner. You know, when the timing is right.

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(January 20 - February 18)

You pride yourself in taking up the cause of the underdog, and this is where you will also find that sometimes you have to be careful who you help. You are wearing your heart on your sleeve lately. With lucky Jupiter in your zodiac sign, and Saturn in your sign, too, you've really gained a clear understanding of what it means to have and to have not. 

So, when you see someone who needs help, you are the first person to give of yourself, but there seems to be someone in your life who thinks your kindness is a sign of weakness, and they have started to take advantage of you, Aquarius. To them, you're a doormat, and they aren't thankful at all. Nope, it's their entitlement that will be the rub that makes November 24, a rough day for you. 


You will have to decide if you're going to call this person out on their bull, and you will not want to. You will want to pretend you did not see this side of their character. You might even decide you'll just do this one thing and then be done with them once and for all.

But, for all your kindness, Aquarius, you have a strong sense of justice too. Knowing that someone used you for all the wrong reasons is going to hurt, and you may start to feel jaded about humanity as a whole. 

Even though you might not succumb to bitterness, a part of you will be so glad when Wednesday is over. You will think, man, was November 24 a rough day, and you'll have good reason to say so. But, you learned a lesson, which will make all the challenges worthwhile in the end. Some lessons you have to learn the hard way.

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