3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Fall Apart During Venus Square Pluto Starting November 19 - 21, 2021

This is the season when couples duke it out.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Fall Apart Starting November 19 - 21, 2021 fizkes/Shutterstock.com

Three zodiac signs whose relationships fall apart during Venus square Pluto starting November 19 to 20, 2021 will find this is the worst of the month.

Venus Square Pluto has the power to reduce you to a blubbering mess or make you into a dark warrior that will fight like hell for your right to say what's on your mind.

And when it comes to relationships for Aries, Taurus, and Cancer zodiac signs, this transit will most definitely put any couple to the test.


This is the season when couples duke it out, emotionally, mainly because this transit makes obvious the one thing couples always fight about: money.

Nobody wants to think they could be taken down because of an argument over money, but when couples run into money problems, they run the risk of being over-emotional and stressed out.

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That stress is what Venus Square Pluto plays with, so be on the lookout for money problems that open the door to other issues within the relationship.

Starting on November 19, we will be put to that test. Some of us will want to rise above, be fair, choose diplomacy and conversation, while others will want to cheat, steal, gaslight our partners and defend our opinions.


These are the good old days; what the future brings depends on how we get through Venus Square Pluto.

Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Fall Apart During Venus Square Pluto Starting November 19-20, 2021


(March 21 - April 19)

As mentioned before, there's 'blubbering mess' and 'dark warrior'.

Those are the options for how you act during an argument to come with your partner. You, my Aries friend, are going to act like both options.

Your partner knows you all too well and they realize that in your case, 'blubbering mess' is a short-lived state that will rapidly morph into 'dark warrior' at any given moment.

You're no longer playing for fun — you're going for the kill. On principle alone, you won't back down until this relationship is SMITED; just the idea of 'sticking this one out' is hilariously funny to you, and no, oh no, you won't back down.


You will single-handedly take this relationship down because of pride, because of your inability to see reason, and because you perceive compromise as a failure, and you're not going to have any of that in your life.

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(April 20 - May 20)

Venus Square Pluto brings something into focus, something both you and your partner never really want to face, and that's the longevity of your relationship.

On some level, you both know it's not going to last, but still, you plug along, holding on to your resentments and your personal judgments.


You feel it's your duty to stay the course and try to make things work, and your partner seems to be doing the same. What's becoming obvious though is that you're both bored to death of each other and that's starting to wear the relationship down.

Boredom is the last thing you can tolerate. You are a Taurus, after all, and you like your fun and excitement, and the relationship you're presently in is starting to hit rock bottom. Venus Square Pluto may just be the last straw in trying to hold it together.

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(June 21 - July 22)

It's time to play the Blame Game, during Venus Square Pluto, where you and your partner blame each other for all the things that are negatively effecting the relationship.


It begins with money, and ironically, ends up with money as the main issue. They don't make enough or work hard enough, and you feel like you've been carrying the entire load.

The burden of making money has started to eat away at the good stuff, and what you thought would save the day — LOVE — doesn't seem to be stepping in to do its job.

That's a revelation right there. Where is the love? Perhaps it really is no longer there, and what you've come to understand as love is really just a fear of being alone. Bam, that's harsh.


During Venus Square Pluto, you will blame and accuse each other of everything you yourselves are guilty of, and then, the relationship will melt away. No surprise there.

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