3 Zodiac Signs Who Find The Courage To End A Relationship During The Moon In Leo On October 28, 2021

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There are many things that the Moon in Leo on October 28, 2021 can bring us, and two of those things are courage — and false courage. Now there's a quandary.

What's interesting is that both of these states can work for us. Every hear of 'fake it 'til you make it'? Well, that's the Moon in Leo, doing its job on our psyches.

Before the courage becomes real, sometimes we just have to pretend we have it, and all will fall into place, accordingly.

And that is what might happen to us when we experience this transit's influence, if we are in a relationship that needs an overhaul; we may just have to fake it 'til we make it, and sometimes that kind of false courage plays out as getting up the nerve to tell someone goodbye and ending a relationship once and for all.

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Leaving someone you were once involved with is never easy, and there are so many individual variables involved.

But when we know that it's over, I mean REALLY over, someone had to make the move to make it official, and if it's you, then scramble up that courage now, because this is your moment.

Whether it's courage or false courage, know that Moon in Leo is prompting you to act.

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Find The Courage To End Relationships During The Moon In Leo On October 28, 2021

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

You've weighed your options and as scary as they may seem, the idea of freedom is starting to look a whole lot better than a life with the person you're currently with.

Moon In Leo is no lightweight transit — if you are someone who takes a stand and defends themselves, then you will be stimulated by this transit — and you, Aries, always takes that stand.

Still in all, it is a relationship, and there has to be some sort of delicacy involved in the dissolving of it.

Unfortunately, you are not very delicate when it comes to getting your point across, and you will more than likely take that rush of courage straight to the point, when it comes to confronting your partner on matters of splitting up.

You may feel strong and powerful doing this — because, in the long run, what you're really doing is protecting yourself, and that is a good thing.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

You are heading towards a confrontation that you do not want — and that is letting your partner know that, whatever you have together is no longer working for you.

There's a good chance one of you did something really wrong — it's up to you to judge what is right or wrong for you, so the 'wrong thing' is not something I can name. But I can tell you this - you need out, and you need the nerve to make it so.

Of course it's hard to do; you've built so many things together, and you can't even bear to think of how to split things up. Must this really happen?

Yes, it must, because, Leo, if it doesn't, it's just going to go on forever in this state of decline.

Moon In Leo is on your side — it will give you the confidence to say what you mean and mean what you say. Why live with one eye constantly on the door?

Open that door and tell your person that it's time for you to go.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

What's odd and interesting here is that you are about to leave someone you don't even like, and the really odd part is: you probably never liked them.

But, they brought you convenience, companionship ... money. It's not that you used them, but you did consent to their being in your life for the purpose of being helpful to you.

Then, it became a relationship and you built a world together — but your mind or heart was never into it.

Now, thanks to Moon In Leo, it's starting to grate on your nerves. Suddenly you feel like life is too short to spend it with this person alone, and you want to run free.

Grab this moment and be courageous! Save your life by letting this person go.

Consider this: they may already know you begrudge their very existence in your life, and they, too, may need to cut the apron strings.

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