I Lost My Virginity To Get Even With My Best Friend

Do I have any regrets about it? Not really. I find it to be a funny story.

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By Skylar Jones

There comes a time in every girl’s life where she and her best friend have a fight, and that, my friends, was what led me to lose my virginity.

My best friend and I had gotten into an argument about how a boy was treating her, right before she was set to leave for Italy for a month.

Before our fight she made it clear, “Don’t lose your virginity when I’m away, I want to hear about it right after it happened.”

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Well, a boy I was somewhat talking to was messaging me on the day she left. He wanted to get together and hang out that night.

And, as we all know, if a boy wants to hang out past a certain time, it’s officially for a booty call. So I said yes.

He picks me up in his dad’s mini van and we drive about 40 seconds away from my house into a parking lot to decide where we were going to go. Keep in mind it’s like 10 o’clock, and people are still scattered around this massive plaza.

He goes to cup my face and we start making out. I’ll give him credit, he’s still probably one of the best kissers I’ve ever had the pleasure of kissing.


We went from kissing awkwardly between the two front seats to me straddling him in the driver’s seat. He starts hinting that he wants head, so I crawl back over to the passenger’s seat and go at it.

At that point I was fairly experienced at performing oral sex, so my confidence was pretty high that night.

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When he asked if we could actually have sex I kept telling him I was a virgin and secretly I was so worried I would be a cry baby and ruin it.

He seemed okay with it, and because I was still angry at my girlfriend for being an overly dramatic princess about our argument, I threw my caution to the wind and my panties to the floor.

So I get in position, I’m preparing myself to go on top. Keep in mind, there are no seats in the back of the mini van we’re in, and I’m about to have sex with this guy in the driver’s seat.


I can’t lie, my legs were shaking and it wasn’t for a good reason. It killed when he first entered, but once I took a deep breath and slid down in one swift motion, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought once I was comfortable.

Obviously it felt like I was being ripped in every direction at times, but that’s normal.

We’re going at it, I’m feeling like a boss and I’m gaining confidence. I didn’t really see the big hype yet, but I was finally seeing what it was actually like to do it.

But because we were in the driver’s seat and I have a big bum, I kept honking the horn by accident, so people in the far distance kept looking over.

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So it’s crunch time, we've got to get out of there before someone comes running over or calls the cops. He starts going hard and the condom broke while he was going at it, and he was literally about to orgasm.

I hop off and he starts to panic yelling, “Where am I gonna...!?” So thinking I was clever I rolled down the window and told him to finish out there. And he did.

We got cleaned up and the whole time he was going on a rant about how mad he was he couldn’t ejaculate inside me. I was shaking because it felt like a can just got shoved up a very uncomfortable place.


He drove me home, and we turned out to be friends with benefits for the next 7 months.

So there you have it, I lost my virginity in the parking lot in front of a party supplies store, and did it to make my best friend angry because she wouldn’t be there to hear about it when I was 16 years old.

Do I have any regrets about it? Not really. I find it to be a funny story and it was what taught me how to master the art of car sex.

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Skylar Jones is a writer who provides a voice for women on topics of heartbreak and relationships. Visit her author profile on Unwritten for more.