3 Zodiac Signs Whose Courage Grows Stronger Than Fear Of Love During The Moon Trine Mars Starting October 25, 2021

Love is not easy.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Courage Grows Stronger Than Fear Of Love During The Moon Trine Mars Starting October 25, 2021 Tom W-GER/Shutterstock.com

Three zodiacs signs whose courage grows stronger than fear of love during the Moon trine Mars starting October 25, 2021, means growth in amazing ways for Aries, Taurus, and Leo.

Who said that famous line about love being easy? Oh that's right - NO ONE.

Because love is not easy. Love is scary and hard to maintain, and it breaks us down and makes us vulnerable.

Kind of makes you wonder why we dive so deeply into the stuff, and yet, here we are, on the diving board of life, jumping up and springing over into that big love pool that glistens in the sunlight.


OK enough corny metaphors. Moon Trine Mars is a dynamic transit, and because of it's warrior energy - Mars - we may very well feel equipped to take on love, in all of its many-splendored manifestations.

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In other words, during this transit, we will have the nerve to actually go through with it. To try may be to die, but to NOT try is to have never lived at all. And so - we try.

Fear keeps us from reaching goals, and when the goals revolve around approaching someone we like, or when they stand in the way of our improving ourselves so that we can be proud of who we are, then we suffer.


Mars waits around for no one, and when it comes to love - if you don't take action, you lose, bro. Good thing Mars isn't going to let that happen, so be prepared, because three signs are about to get their courage on. 

Zodiac Signs Whose Courage Grows Stronger Than Fear Of Love During The Moon Trine Mars Starting October 25, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Not one to ever admit to fear, you sometimes put yourself in the line of fire simply to prove you're no scared-y cat.

Truth is, you, like everyone else, hesitates to show vulnerability. Here's where you get your grand chance. Moon Trine Mars is all about Aries power, but not only that - it's about courage and assistance.

You will not be allowed to back down - not if Mars has any say in the matter. So, look at it this way. That person you admire or crush on or lust after or are in love with - this is your big moment, Aries.


This is when your courage rises to the top and gives you that push you needed.

You will be spilling your guts on October 25, and your display of vulnerability will be rewarded by acceptance and encouragement. Seems you're not alone in the feeling you have for this special person. I believe it's very much reciprocated.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

In your world, there's a major difference between impulse and actual courage - and it's going to be the latter that's displayed today, in terms of love.

You've got something on your mind and you want to approach your loved one about it. You've hemmed and hawed - it's starting to become passive aggressive.


It's like you've been loitering around this person just to make them beg you to tell them what's on your mind. Well, take advantage of this outstanding Martian energy and go for it.

Say what's on your mind, because in truth, your heart is in the right place and only good can come out of it.

Don't worry so much, Taurus - you're overthinking things by assuming you know how your partner will react. Just plunge in. You certainly are prepared. Own that confidence and don't let this opportunity pass you by.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Courage is your calling card, Leo, and it's time to show up for what comes next. When you feel fear, or rather - hesitation, you try to talk yourself down; you don't believe that you feel fear, and you try to deny this in yourself by creating diversions.


Well, enough diversions; it's time. You want more out of your relationship and what you want is both possible and joyful - but you fear rejection, and that does all sorts of numbers on your head. You won't be rejected, and that's the fun part.

Moon Trine Mars loves a Leo with guts - and that's you. It's good that you worry about repercussions or consequences, that just shows that you've thought things through - but there is a time for action, and that time is now.

Seize the day, Leo - the cosmos have your back on this one. Fearless to the end. Tonight we ride!

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