Internet Sleuths Still Have Conspiracies About Brian Laundrie Being Alive — But Is It Time To Move On?

Is Brian Laundrie really dead?

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After the news last night from the FBI confirming that the human skeletal remains found on Florida's Carlton Reserve by Christopher and Roberta Laundrie were that of their son, lots of people on TikTok aren't convinced.

The evidence found included not only the human remains but a backpack, notebook, and other items that belong to Laundrie. 

When searching for Laundrie on Wednesday morning, Brian Laundrie's dry bag was found off the trail by his father Christopher, who the family attorney Steve Bertolino said, "as happenstance was, they stumbled upon these items." 


There are theories that Brian Laundrie is still alive. 

Lots of internet sleuths don't believe Laundrie is actually dead. And though Bertolino said that viral suspicions are "hogwash," the theories have continued. TikTok theories

According to Michael McPherson, a special agent in charge of the FBI's Tampa office, the items were found in an area that was recently underwater. 


Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno said law enforcement had to deal with treacherous conditions, "You're searching in areas that you just can't walk up and look....these areas are huge and they're covered by water."

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A source close to the investigation told CNN that the human remains appeared to have been in the reserve for a while.

"Based on the condition of the remains, it may take some time to officially identify. It is going to be a very thorough process with the medical examiner."

However, some people don't believe that is true. One TikToker Danielle Radin, a digital journalist for CBS LA, quoted an interview from a CNN show the other day with a former FBI agent who said that it was "bizarre that law enforcement would separate from the Laundrie parents long enough that they would be able to find evidence without any law enforcement, witnesses, or eyes on that."


TikTok theories 

A K-9 handler also said recently that it's highly suspicious that cadaver dogs didn’t already detect remains in the search for Brian Laundrie earlier on because "the odor would have come through the water."

Another TikToker says the evidence doesn't add up because the first day the parents are put on the case, all of Laundrie's evidence was found.


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TikTok Theories

People commented on that TikTok saying "They planted evidence so we think he's there but he's not!!! He's somewhere else," and "he is still hiding, my mind cannot be changed."

Another asked an interesting question, "why would they allow the Laundries to go out to search, aren't they persons of interest," and another saying "idk how this doesn't raise a red flag to the FBI."


Lots of other people agree with the fact that it seems very suspicious that Chris Laundrie was able to search by himself and found evidence all on his own.

In another TikTok about the updates with the new evidence found, the creator commented, "I don't know man but this feels sus." Others felt the same and responded saying, "something doesn't feel right" and "I think his parents maybe did him in and lying about no knowing  where he was then again I could be wrong."

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Another theory that is a bit wilder than the others is that Gabby Petito's dad actually killed Laundrie.


One TikTok account called E.R. The Maker, who has been posting updates about the case, received a comment on one of his videos from a user saying, "if you took my daughter on a road trip and didn't bring her back, they'd never find you either."

TikTok theories

Even though the human remains were confirmed to be Brian Laundrie people on TikTok either don't believe he's actually dead, that his father planted evidence, or he was killed possibly by Petito's father.


Is it time to stop making theories about Gabby Petito's death?

While many may be struggling to accept this conclusion to the viral case, sometimes the simplest outcomes are the correct ones.

Of course, Petito's family deserve answers and justice but dragging out this case with theories and speculation may not allow them to reach the truth.

Equally, continuing a search for Laundrie in spite of the evidence that suggests he is dead most definitely distracts from finding the truth about Petito's death. 

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