3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 20, 2021

Being aware of what we do and say is the only way to avoid regret.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 20, 2021 galacticus/Shutterstock.com

Energies and tempers will be high for three zodiac signs who will have a rough day on October 20, 2021, as we welcome in the Aries Full Moon today alongside the Libra Sun.

Even though Libra likes to try to balance our energies and bring calm and stability to situations, today that won’t make much of a difference with the current lunation and astrology for some signs.

The issue is that during the past few months, especially weeks, we’ve been doing a lot of reviews in terms of balance and what we need from others.


Speaking up on that is challenging for Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer, but still many of us have taken those steps to have those more difficult conversations.

The issue will arise though for those that have had the conversations, have said the difficult things and then not have responded in the way that they needed.

In this case it would be because the balance they were seeking wasn’t able to have been created.

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For a few signs, they would have been simmering in this realization only to end up feeling like they were keeping silent about the things that mattered most to them.


While a valid feeling, what we have to understand is that just because we’re at a place where we are needing to discuss and talk about our relationship for instance, our partner may be at a crossroads in their career or have to focus and settle things in their family path.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re unable to fulfill our need for balance but only that we’re not in the space to both do that together.

With today’s energy though, being able to have that logical thought process will be challenging and instead we will be more prone to emotional outbursts or even anger.

The thing to remember though which could save us from regret later on is to make sure to only say what it is we truly mean.


If we’re actually craving more, then we should never think we’re going to solve it by speaking up for less.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 20, 2021:

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

The best thing that you can hope for today is that everyone leaves you alone to a degree.

This isn’t necessarily because you’re going to be having a horrible day, but there is a lot of emotional tension just below your surface which if not acknowledged or triggered by others could spell a difficult emotional storm to get past.

Try to make sure that you can have plenty of time alone today so that you can take care of yourself and process your own feelings about what it is moving through, which includes fears as well. This isn’t the time to try to make others see your side of things or even feel like you have to prove a point.


If there are those people who you always feel emotionally safe and supported with, then those are who you should be spending time with today. Save the complicated or confusing situations for another day when you’ll be more apt to find that balance and compromise that you’re seeking.

But, if something is brought up by another, whether a conversation or opportunity, make sure that you speak your truth. Because as much as we don’t want to be in the place regretting what we said, it’s often regretting what we didn’t say that ends up taking the biggest toll.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Life is revealing to you a whole other way of being, the question just remains if you’re going to take it or not. With everything that has been going on in your life lately, it’s clear that it’s time for a change. But the thing to remember is that it’s our internal change that creates our external situation. For you today, it’s important to truly practice love and compassion for yourself.


This means not beating yourself up over decisions or choices that you’ve previously made. It also means understanding that of course you would do things differently now but it’s only because you’ve had the experiences that you did which allow you to have that perspective.

Try to approach everything, especially yourself, with radical acceptance. Accept that you have done everything to the best of your ability in that moment, but also allow yourself the freedom to move differently in the future. Today runs the risk of being a darker day for you.

One that has you full of regret from the past and even anger towards yourself. Use these feelings for the positive as you move forward. Look for the lessons instead of what you regret and remember that each day you do truly have the opportunity to do better, if you take it.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

It has been a challenging few weeks for all water signs, but for you especially it’s been challenging because you can only take so much. One of the things that you need the most deeply is a secure, loving and stable home environment.

Not just to live within, but to feel within. To cast off that protective shell, to be yourself and to express yourself however you feel called to within that moment. But lately, that sense of safety and insecurity hasn’t been present in your home environment which means that there isn’t anywhere you feel safe outside of your shell.

This can be something that temporarily we all have to move through at times, but the danger here is if you learn that is the only way that you can truly feel safe.


Today watch for that avoidant or even dismissive energy from yourself towards those that may express concern or care for how you’ve been doing.

Recognize that in order for people to start stepping up to help you, you have to open up to talk about what is actually going on. We can’t pretend we’re fine yet still wonder why no one steps towards us to help support us. Take a chance at being vulnerable today and watch the emotional doors that open.

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