3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall In Love With A Friend During The Moon In Aquarius, Starting October 13, 2021

In a way we didn't think was possible.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall In Love With A Friend During The Moon In Aquarius, Starting October 13, 2021 Daniel Eskridge/Shutterstock.com

With the Moon in Aquarius comes talent, kindness, individuality, laziness, ego, and compassion.

An interesting set of leading traits, wouldn't you say?

This means that this transit can bring out in us a need to do things our way, for the purpose of being at peace and one with love.

Pride is a trait that comes with this transit as well, and this can make us feel like we have to take a stand, whether to defend ourselves or to set ourselves apart from the crowd.


We who react to this transit will do so as individuals - fearless and devoted to whatever cause we claim as our own.

And during this curious transit, we may get to see something - or someone - in a way we didn't think was possible.

People often ask me, during a reading, if their soulmate exists, and do they know who they are, now?

My answer is always the same: Your soulmate exists in your friend, as they are the one who is always there for you.

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During this transit, certain signs of the Zodiac may just find that the person they love the most is the person they call 'friend.' Get ready to fall in love with your friend...it's on.

Zodiac Signs Who Fall In Love With A Friend During The Moon In Aquarius, Starting October 13, 2021:

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

What may come as a surprise to you is that you've been in love with a friend of yours for quite some time, but because that's not a traditionally romantic scenario, you haven't realized it until now. And if your love is someone of the same gender, then welcome to the fold; it happens, Cancer.

We all have the ability to love people of all genders, because...people are people, and love is love.

You have tried the regular route; marriage, affairs, dates - some work, some don't, and in the end, no person ever gave you what this amazing friend of yours gives you, right here and right now.


You have to hide so much from your partners, and yet, you have to hide nothing from your friend. Perhaps this friend is the best person you'll ever know in your life. This might be a good time to admit this to yourself. You are in love with your friend, and all is really good with that idea.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

How easy it would be to fall in love with your friend, in fact, thanks to the Moon in Aquarius, you have probably already come to that conclusion. Now, what to do about it? Does falling in love with a friend automatically mean it has to go the sexual route?

Actually, no, Libra. It doesn't have to be sexual, in fact, what you've built this friendship on has nothing to do with sex, so why would you even consider it?


Now, that's a relief. But still - where does such a thing go? Can it be accepted by the masses, will society allow such a thing to occur? Well, Libra, when have you ever cared about what society thinks of you or your romantic practices?

Here's the deal: You are in love with your friend and there's a fantastic chance that they feel the same. Give yourself what you need: a good, loving friendship with someone you can share your life with, in trust and in peace.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

You've been thinking about taking a friendship of yours to 'the next level' Aquarius.

You are a doer - thoughts float around in your head with the purpose of becoming actions.


You're not the person to fear consequences, and because of the Moon in your sign, you now feel even more confident that you're making the right decision. Does this mean that you are interested in becoming sexually romantic with a buddy of yours?

Yes, it does. Who better than a close friend to make a life with? They understand you AND you find them too cute for words. If this means you are now dabbling in bisexuality, then so be it - the more, the merrier, eh?

However, if this best friend of yours is someone of the opposite sex, then consider what you're going through now as phase one of a lifetime of being together. This can work, Aquarius. Trust your gut and don't back down. Friends are there for friends.

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