36 Spooky Wedding Ideas For Halloween Enthusiasts

'Til death do you part!

couple in halloween wedding attire holding pumpkins Dean Drobot / Shutterstock

If you and your fiance love all things autumn or Halloween-related, it's worth considering spooky wedding ideas for the big day!  

Couples looking for something untraditional will find that Halloween is a great day to get married. For starters, venues aren't in high demand around this time of year, so you could be looking at affordable prices (and great deals!) 

Worried about guest availability? Halloween doesn't pose travel issues the way other major holidays like Christmas and New Years do. Plus, October grants you the opportunity to work with an amazing array of flowers and crops. They can be used for decor as well as fresh, local ingredients! 


The best part yet is that there's no right or wrong way of planning a Halloween-themed wedding! You can customize to your heart's content.

To make things easier for yourself, you can narrow down your options by considering whether or not you want to lean toward a cute, rustic autumnal theme or creepy Halloween decor. The choice is all yours! 

Here are 36 Halloween wedding ideas to try:

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1. Halloween-themed invite cards

halloween wedding ideas invitation


Whether you need them for a couple's shower or general guest invites, you can't go wrong with appropriately themed cards! It's a fantastic and simple way to get your guests in the mood, and you can play around with designs for a creative dress-code announcement! 

Check prices and reviews for Halloween invitations on Amazon. 

2. Black, purple, & orange flower bouquets 

halloween wedding ideas bouquet


Bouquet or flower decor, it's up to you — but consider using black, orange, or dark purple roses in your 'Weeny wedding! They'll certainly stand out from traditional colors like pink and white & add the perfect festive touch you're looking for. 

Check prices and reviews for flowers on Amazon. 

3. Halloween-themed baked goods 

halloween wedding ideas cookies


Themed goodies will not only add to the festive mood, but also prey upon your guests' cravings for dangerously delicious sweets! Treats are highly customizable, so you can tailor them to fit your theme and venue. For "creepier" cookies, you can have detailed eyeballs, scary skulls, or franken-gingerbread man cookies. Have fun with it!

Photo: FREEPIK2/Shutterstock 

4. Edgy black cake server & cutter

halloween wedding ideas cake server


Planning your wedding means thinking of every miniscule detail possible. While picking out the dishes and cutlery you'll want to use, don't forget to choose a fitting cutting set for the theme. After all, you may be photographed wielding it, so make sure it's something you want to show off! 

Check prices and reviews for wedding cake server sets on Amazon. 

5. Skulls candle holder

halloween wedding ideas candle holder


Detailed skull candle holders like this one are great for weddings that wants to play on darker themes. The macabre feeling can be duplicated by scattering several copies around the venue. 

Check prices and reviews for candle holders on Amazon. 

6. Skull wedding guest book 

halloween wedding ideas guest book

Guest books are sweet keepsakes to look back on years after your wedding, so why not have some fun with it? For a Halloween twist on the tradition, you can ask friends & families to write down their favorite Halloween traditions & recipes to share along the standard well-wishes and advice. 


Check prices and reviews for wedding guest books on Amazon. 

7. "'Til Death Do Us Part" cake topper 

halloween wedding ideas cake topper

The beauty of cake toppers is that there are so many to choose from! If you want a personalized topper, you can also browse Etsy to find something that best fits your cake and wedding theme. 

Check prices and reviews for cake toppers on Amazon. 


8. Pumpkin harvest-themed wedding cake 

halloween wedding ideas wedding cake

Ah, good ol' cake inspo! If your idea of a Halloween-inspired wedding leans toward "Autumn" more than the actual holiday, try making use of seasonal harvests! You can top your cake with an adorable pumpkin couple as well as an assortment of yummy fruits. 

Photo: Alex Butova/Shutterstock


9. Falling autumn leaves wedding cake

halloween themed wedding cake ideas

Another suggestion for a vibrant, autumnal-themed wedding is a gorgeous cake inspired by the season's changing leaves! This would work well for couples who want a classic white cake with a special flair.

Photo: Karen Grigoryan/Shutterstock

10. Edgy black wedding cake 

 halloween wedding ideas black wedding cake


Another daring option is an ultra-chic black cake! Not only will it draw attention, but it can also be used as a gorgeous backdrop for whatever eye-catching decor you want on your cake! 

Photo: Kasonya Wilcox/Pexels 

11.Black & white wedding cake 

halloween wedding ideas black and white wedding cake

There's nothing wrong with a white cake! You can still make it work with your theme by adding black, eye-catching decorations. If you aren't a fan of the butterflies or black roses, you can also go with bats.


Photo: Shebeko/Shutterstock

12. Coffin ring box 

halloween wedding ideas ring box

Mummy Mia! Themed ring boxes are just too cute to give up! Like everything else, you can go crazy with customization so that it best fits you and your partner. Be sure to hang onto it after the big day as it will also make an adorable memento. 

Check prices and reviews for ring boxes on Amazon. 


13. Woodsy autumnal outdoor dining 

halloween wedding ideas dining decor

Your witchy coven will adore eating in a beautiful wooded area! It'll be a breath of fresh air (no pun intended) compared to sitting in an indoor venue all day. The woods will also help amp up the mood...especially when the sun goes down. 

Photo: Nadiia Balytska/Shutterstock


14. Black wedding archway drapes

halloween wedding ideas arch drapes

Wedding arch, arbor, whatever you call it...it plays a crucial part of the wedding ceremony. The perfect one can also spice up your wedding photos! Besides black drapes and lights, you can also use jewel colored flowers and mini decorative pumpkins! 

Check prices and reviews for wedding drapes on Amazon. 


15. Dried flower bouquet

halloween wedding ideas dried flower bouquet

Dark-colored bouquets are thematically interesting. Dark, dried flowers take it one step further by supplying a creepy "dead & decaying" feeling that'll have you living out your corpse bride fantasies! 

Photo: Patrick Porto/Pexels

16.  Historic venues

halloween wedding ideas venue


Castles and old cathedrals are popular venues for a reason. These locations offer a certain kind of "gothic beauty" that's ideal for a Halloween-themed wedding. Vaulted ceilings and old hallways also give you lots of space to decorate! Remember the Great Hall's Halloween decor in the Harry Potter films? Use it for inspo!

Photo: Pexels

17. Harry Potter themed dining table 

halloween wedding ideas harry potter decor


Because of obvious overlaps, you can merge the spooktacular holiday with elements from the wizarding world of Harry Potter! Your guests will definitely be fascinated by the film-inspired eye candy.

Photo: Rhii Photography/Unsplash

18. Personalized jack-o-'lanterns

halloween wedding ideas jack o lantern

What's Halloween without a jack-o'-lantern? Not only are they holiday staples, they're also incredibly versatile decorations! You can carve anything you want onto them from names, to initials, to the date! If you want hands-on activities at your wedding, you can also have guests carve their own pumpkins at designated stations. 


Photo: Sarycheva Olesia/Shutterstock

19. Apothecary-themed drink bar

halloween wedding ideas apothecary

Potions for the parched? Come get your potions here! Offer guests delicious, witch-approved concoctions. Playing around with eye-catching colors will also make the station a fantastic backdrop for Instagram pictures. 

Photo: Elena Mozhvilo/Unsplash


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20. Black wedding aisle runner

halloween wedding ideas aisle runner

Consider personalizing the aisle runner with a meaningful message meant for you and your boo. Colors to aim for are black and dark shades of orange, purple, and red!

Check prices and reviews for aisle runners on Amazon. 


21. Coffin letter board reception sign 

halloween wedding ideas coffin letter board

A coffin shaped sign will have guests wondering if they've stumbled into a funeral rather than a wedding! If your reception & ceremony will take place at night, consider adding LED lights for a "ghostly" lit-up effect. 

Check prices and reviews for signs on Amazon. 


22. Purple smoke bomb photo inspiration 

halloween wedding ideas smoke bomb

Spooky gray fog is great for movies — but not wedding pictures. If you want to use smoke bombs for your pics, try using vibrant Halloween-themed colors like oranges, purples, & reds to make them eye-popping!

Photo: Azami Adiputera/Shutterstock

23. "'Til Death" neon sign 

halloween wedding ideas neon sign


LED signs are optimal for wedding venues that are darkly-lit or colored! By playing around with colors and words, you can add a truly memorable backdrop to your pictures with little effort.  

Check prices and reviews for LED signs on Amazon. 

24. Spooky blue venue lighting 

halloween wedding ideas blue lights

Tired of black and orange? Try eerie blue lighting! It offers effortless #hauntedhouse vibes. To play it up, you can add additional backlight decorations to produce scary silhouettes & shadows. 


Photo: AS project/Shutterstock

25. Candles in glass bottles table pieces

halloween wedding ideas glass bottles

Candles, paired with luxurious gold cutlery and oynx-black plates, scream "sophisticated vampire dining!" One fun suggestion is to get temperature sensitive, color changing plates. Imagine the look on your guests' face when their plate suddenly turns bloody red!


Photo: Myronovych/Shutterstock

26. Creepy skulls, bones & candles centerpieces

halloween wedding ideas skull centerpieces

For more grotesque Hallo-weddings, try to utilize bones whenever and wherever you can. Doing so will help to create an unsettling & grim atmosphere!

Photo: Pedroom/Pixabay

27. Spiderweb chandeliers

halloween wedding ideas spiderweb chandeliers


Still want a splash of traditional white? Throw cobwebs in! Depending on how you use them, cobwebs can help make a venue feel spooky or whimsically kooky. 

Photo: Toa Heftiba/Unsplash

28. Skull shaped ice cubes for drinks

halloween wedding ideas skull ice cube

Boring ol' ice cubes won't do for a Halloween wedding! Invest in some terrifying skull shaped ice cube trays to bring bowls of punch & other drinks to life. 


Check prices and reviews for ice mold trays on Amazon. 

29. Golden pumpkin placeholders

halloween wedding ideas pumpkin placeholder


Everyone loves miniature things. These delightful pumpkin placeholders aren't any different! Depending on the colors you've picked out, you can easily customize your holders to make sure everything matches. 

Check prices and reviews for place card holders on Amazon. 

30. Pumpkin aisle decor

halloween wedding ideas aisle decor

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins galore! Many don't know that they come in a variety of colors such as blue, white, and black. You can use them to add splashes of color throughout your venue. 


Photo: aprilante/Shutterstock

31. Bridesmaids Halloween color palette 

halloween wedding ideas bridesmaid dresses

If you don't want to give up the white dress, yet still desire the Halloween-y dress code, enlist your bridesmaids! Having them wear dark purples or blacks. Carrying orange flowers will drive the theme home!  

 Photo: Emily March Photography/Shutterstock


32. Cute LEDs & leaves in Mason jars decor

halloween wedding ideas masons jars

DIY-ing your very own wedding decor can be a great source of fun, too! This simple idea won't cost you much, and you can customize to your heart's content. Go crazy creative with the labels and color combos!

Photo: ORebrik/Shutterstock

33. Purple LED tree centerpiece 

halloween wedding ideas led tree centerpiece


No one can resist a Christmas tree, so with that logic...who can resist a Halloween one? Besides LED lights, you can add all sorts of creepy bobbles & ornaments that you feel would match the theme! You can also add tags with guest names as a "placeholder" of sorts. 

Check prices and reviews for LED centerpieces on Amazon. 

34. Themed photo shoots

halloween wedding ideas photo shoot


Halloween's all about dressing up, so why not take full advantage of the tradition at your wedding? You and hubby can prove you're real Halloween royalty by rocking costume photo shoots! 

Photo: A Koolshooter/Pexels

Offbeat Bride/Pinterest

35. Black metal lantern

halloween wedding ideas lantern

Simple, yet effective! Lanterns are always optimal for mood-setting, and depending on the size you'd want them, they can serve as either table or aisle decor. 

Photo: Marko Blažević/Unsplash

36. Black wedding dress inspiration 

halloween wedding ideas wedding dress

Who can forget the wedding dress?! At the end of the day, it's not the venue & decor people will be waiting to see — it's you and your gown. That's why it's important to choose something that makes you feel incredibly sexy and powerful! And believe it or not, black wedding dresses aren't just reserved for Halloween-inspired weddings...the trend has taken off! Once you find a dress you love, you can take it a step further by accessorizing with jewel-toned flowers, headpieces, or a dark lip! 

Photo: Gartmanart/Shutterstock

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