3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Fall Apart During Venus Square Pluto Starting September 28, 2021

This time Venus is means to tear us apart.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Fall Apart During Venus Square Pluto Starting September 28, 2021 Oakland Images/Shutterstock.com

Let's just get this out of the way right at the top: Venus Square Pluto is going to suck for those who are on the edge of a relationship and have been thinking about walking out.

There's just too much ego floating around, and too much aggressive lack of understanding for others.

Venus, our planet of Love and Beauty does not always deliver the good stuff, and when Squared with Pluto, well, let's just call the whole thing off, if you please.


This is not the transit that holds us together, in fact, it's quite adversarial; it means to tear us apart - and thanks to the booming negative energy that comes with Pluto, it will go the distance to make sure that certain signs really do come to the end of their tethers - and the ends of their relationships.

On September 28, your best bet will be to sit at home, silently.

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Yes, we all know that's probably impossible, and so, with this warning, proceed cautiously; there is trouble afoot, and if you aren't careful in terms of your romantic relationship (if you can call it 'romantic'), then you might just find yourself losing both your mind and the person you've been thinking about leaving.

This is the season for breakups, and you may just end up a casualty in this war.

Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Fall Apart During Venus Square Pluto Starting September 28, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

What's about to take place in your relationship, Aries, is a power-play between you and your partner.

You've never been one to back down from a fight, and the thing is, you chose a partner who isn't about to back down either, so it's a verbal slug-fest that you both can look forward to, coming September 28.


Just reading this will probably get you all revved up and ready to pounce; the warrior in you needs very little fuel in order to get fully hostile and aggressive.

You may want to think things out as you know from the past that your mouth is your number one weapon - you have the power, right now, to end things as they stand, so ask yourself: Is this what I really want?

Because there's a chance that you could save this relationship as opposed to destroying it. You may think destroying it is what's best - but have you even tried to rectify what has gone wrong?

The cosmos wants you to stay together, to work things out - try to pull back before delivering your worst and most destructive emotional blows. Does your partner really deserve all that evil? More than likely, they do not.


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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Because so many things are going well in your life, at this point in the game, you might be thinking that there's no time like the present to rid yourself of every single thing that isn't working out.

A past relationship or even a friendship comes to mind; you will be thinking thoughts like, "Do I even want this person in my life anymore?" And, you'd be right to question this.

This transit, Venus in zodiac sign Square Pluto inspires you to throw the trash out, so to speak. You may be involved with someone you absolutely adore, while you've also been holding on to someone from the past - just in case, as a rebound.


Well, that's both cruel and cowardly of you to keep someone on the side, 'in case of emergency' and so you'd be advised to utilize the power of this transit to 'make them go away.'

We are looking at addictive personalities who cling to you and cause you to feel sorry for them. They do not have a place in your life and if you wish to move on in peace, without drama, then get on it, Taurus - let that relationship fall to the wayside.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

When you are influenced by the energy of Pluto, you, Pisces, tend to go overboard, as if you've been hit with the egomania stick; you just can't keep your mouth shut, and all that comes out seems to bring damage to those around you.


And, when it gets bad enough, you don't even care. You're shouting, complaining machine and you can't see the good in anything - not during this transit, at least. Usually, you're so filled with love and grace, and yet, Venus in Scorpio Square Pluto seems to eradicate all that peace, replacing it with hostility and nerve.

You're even ready to go to battle with your partner, risking it all, as if there's something heroic in that kind of win. This transit will humiliate you while making you believe that you are actually justified in all the cruelties you're about to release on your mate.

Why bother being so mean, Pisces? This is SO not you. Check your privilege, friend - you are going to lose so much if you don't just watch your mouth. What's the thing you hate most in the world, Pisces? Hurting someone, right? Well if that is true, then stop before you start. I mean it. You've been warned.

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