3 Zodiac Signs Who Change Their Minds About Breaking Up During Mercury Retrograde Starting September 27, 2021

Not that it's a really good idea.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Change Their Minds About Breaking Up During Mercury Retrograde Starting September 27, 2021 Dotted Yeti/Shutterstock.com

It's that time again, folks, and by that we mean Mercury Retrograde, the gift transit that keeps on giving - in all the wrong ways.

Many of us shudder when we know Merc the Jerk is in town, and if there's anything this transit delivers in full, it's confusion.

That's why many of us will consider breaking up without partners during this time - as well as wondering whether or not that's really a good idea.


Starting September 27, we can expect a bit of turbulence, when it comes to our relationships and what we are to do about them.

Some jump to conclusions without even investigating the reasons why, while others stay on the fence trying to figure out if this relationship is worth saving or chucking to the sharks.

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and you would not be alone if you have ever considered breaking up with the person you have been heavily involved with - it's natural and it happens all the time - with all couples.

This retrograde may have you going over your options again and again...to break up or to stay the course. That is the question.


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Which signs will change their minds about breaking up during Mercury Retrograde, starting September 27, 2021?

Zodiac Signs Who Change Their Minds About Breaking Up During Mercury Retrograde Starting September 27, 2021:

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

You've been here before, Gemini - that place where you are wondering why you're even with the person you are with, and yet...you can't see yourself without them in your life.


It's confounding and awful - because you torture yourself all the time when this topic comes up. You tend to find a lot of faults in your partner...but are they worth throwing out, like so much garbage?

Most probably not. What you're dealing with, thanks to the retrograde power, is the 'back and forth' dance, where you decide it's over, and three minutes later, you rescind your thinking.

Here's some helpful advice: know your feelings as real, but indulgent. You can allow yourself the fantasy of 'how much better it would be without them...' while knowing in your heart that this person is not worth condemning.

Think all you want, but don't act on those thoughts as you may come to regret a move as hefty as breaking up.


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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

What you suffer from is a fear of being alone, Virgo, and because of that, you have chosen to stick it out with your mate, no matter what they do - or don't do. Your partner's behavior bugs you - deeply. You've seen it before and it's unnerved you to such a degree that you've considered leaving them.

But what would that do other than get you what you want least in this world: being alone. What's gone on is that you've reached the mediocrity stage of your relationship, where no one really cares what the other does any longer.

You are both now enablers of each other's worst habits, and in all honesty, neither one of you even notices anymore. Every now and then you recognize how the partnership has just become routine and dull, and when Mercury Retrograde drops in, it revs your engines up and makes you want to 'throw the bum out.'


Of course, your fear of being alone will kick in, and all bets will then be off. Close, but no cigar, on the breakup.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

Ah, Pisces, you are particularly sensitive to the wheelings and dealings of Mercury Retrograde, and this time around will be no different. If you've gone through a rocky patch with your partner/lover/date/significant other/spouse, then it will be during this transit that you will once again open that can of worms and let hell fly out.

Arguments are coming, Pisces, you should be warned. You should also be warned about what you say because this retrograde is not going to make it easy to interpret insults or negative words.


This means if you say something nasty to the person who depends on your love as their life force, then you may end up crushing them - to the point where they can no longer see what's good in the relationship.

If you can possibly hold back your tongue, you will do yourself a favor. Remember, your love interest is not you, and they do not speak the exact same language as you.

Not everyone can 'take a joke' especially when that joke sounds like a bitter attack that was custom-made to cause them pain. Watch your mouth, Pisces. Seriously.

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