3 Zodiac Signs Who Want To Breakup During The Moon Square Pluto Starting September 22, 2021

Moon Square Pluto makes for one tricky season.

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Three zodiac signs who will want to break up during the Moon square Pluto starting September 22, 2021, will feel that they have hit a wall when it comes to love.

Moon Square Pluto makes for one tricky season, that's for sure. This transit doesn't always bring out the best in us, in fact, depending on who we are, it can bring out a side of us that is ornery, impatient, and even a bit self-destructive.


One of the common happenings that occur during Moon Square Pluto in the zodiac sign of Capricorn is the need to get into fights and lovers' spats.

We all know that feeling - and yet we don't know where these things originate, after all, who really wants to destroy a relationship, or simply fight about it?

It's not what we envision for ourselves, and yet, during this particular transit, we will find ourselves picking a fight with the person we love.

And while we may even take it so far as to want to break up with our person - this highly energized negative feeling may not be the right energy to make decisions with.


We could potentially get ourselves in big trouble if we open our mouths and let the nasties run wild and free.

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So, yes, some of us will want to break up during Moon entering Taurus Square Pluto - but that doesn't necessarily mean it's right to do so.

This will be a challenging time for some of us because if we don't watch ourselves, we might very well end up destroying something we worked hard to build.

Zodiac Signs Who Want To Breakup During The Moon Square Pluto Starting September 22, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

During this transit, you may either find something out about your loved one or be discovered for your own secret - and the revelation of this knowledge probably won't do either one of you any good.


You may also not be in the mood for tact, meaning that your ability to blurt out the wrong thing at the wrong time might just be what happens during Moon Square Pluto.

It would be advised for you to hold back rather than go on the warpath, but to ask that of an Aries is a far stretch and probably won't happen. So, it'd be best to watch your words during this transit.

You may want to start a fight or rile up your partner - just for the sake of it. This will not be appreciated, and even though you may very well get the fight you want, it could end up hurting you more than just giving you the thrill of showing and displaying your nerve and anger.

If you really want to break up with your partner, you need to consider the ramifications of this breakup, first.


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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

One of the more obvious effects of Moon Square Pluto on Scorpio is in how you might just show your worst side, at the wrong time. It will feel as if you can't help yourself - AND, that you're entitled to your feelings, even if they come off as harsh or mean, which they will.

What you do have to worry about is saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, and if that person is your mate, then prepare for a potential break up, whether that was what you wanted or not. You'll have to come to terms with the idea that you can't just hurt a person without repercussions.

Now, you can, however, make this transit work to your benefit by explaining your feelings, rather than blurting them out with little to no sensitivity.


If you are single, this isn't the time for making solid connections with another in a romantic situation. If you want to get past this transit in one piece, then do yourself a favor and practice withholding, and above all - do not lash out at people you love simply because you can.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

While you may spend a certain portion of your life trying to avoid jealousy, beware the Moon, Sagittarius, as its transit Square Pluto has the ability to turn you into a seething jealous fool if you don't watch your emotions.

Remember, this transit exaggerates your emotional take on things, and you may translate that jealousy as the ultimate reason to break up with the person you're having second thoughts about.


You may want to seek the truth in this case, as truth is one of your ultimate goals...in other words, if this transit brings out the worst in you, meaning, it arouses in you terrible envy or possessiveness, then stand back and check yourself before you take it too far.

This sign does take things too far, and if you, Sagittarius, think you're being cheated on or lied to - don't jump to conclusions; think things out and talk about them.

You won't do anyone any good by unilaterally breaking up your relationship, because there's a very good chance your partner is not doing all the things you believe they are doing.


Talk with grace, first - leave the hypersensitivity and false accusations alone.

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