3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Comes Back During Saturn Sextile The Moon Starting September 21, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Comes Back Starting September 21, 2021

Sometimes love throws a surprise, and for the three zodiac signs whose ex comes back during Saturn sextile the Moon starting September 21, 2021, it will seem as though love falls back into place.

As we move through the energy of the Moon Saturn Sextile on September 21st, we will be feeling a strong pull towards those that feel like family, or even home resulting in us reconnecting with some exes from our past.

While we often cringe at the thought of exes coming back from the past, it’s not always a bad thing, sometimes it’s because we needed time to grow apart before we could come back together.

This is what the Moon sextile Saturn transit is all about for the three zodiac signs whose ex comes back beginning September 21, 2021.

Having an ex come back, even someone that we would classify as “the one that got away” is never easy. We’re confronted with old feelings and new hopes alongside the struggles that were present at the end of the relationship. It’s a challenging time, but it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily bad.

The Moon holds the secrets to our hearts, the deepest feelings, and desires that we have but which we may not always speak or act upon. In Aries, it has us become hyper-focused on what it is that we want and who we feel the strongest for.

While the Moon is inspiring our passions, Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius sextile the Moon is helping us make sure that what we let go of is truly what is best for us and our journey.

There is always a sense of divine timing and karma when we see transits involving this planet as he rules both these areas.

Instead of looking at this ex as just a blast from your past, be open to the possibility that this person is coming back into your life for a reason.

Sometimes it’s because we are meant to be together but at others, it’s because we need them to help wake us up from a stagnant situation we're currently in.

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Oftentimes soulmates will reunite at different times in their lives when one or both of them are going through a challenging situation. Sometimes this is because a relationship with a new person has become unhealthy or even if they’re just feeling stuck or uncertain about their life.

This is the gift of soulmates, but the thing with this type of connection is it doesn’t always mean that it’s meant to be a long-lasting romantic relationship.

Sometimes these soulmates are more of a familial connection than anything else. Someone who comes into your life at the perfect time to help you transition from a difficult time or who is there to remind you who you truly are.

As we move through this transit, be open to the exes that return, they aren’t always here to reunite, sometimes they're just here to help usher us into a new phase of our lives.

Zodiac signs whose ex comes back during the Moon sextile Saturn starting September 21, 2021:

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

As you’ve been moving through the year it’s evident that how you look at relationships has changed dramatically. You’ve been learning so much it’s hard to not wonder what is next. A big part of this has been reflecting on an important past relationship.

This relationship likely caused a great deal of heartache, so much so that it may have thrown you into an emotional tailspin and left you wondering who you even were. But in looking back now, can you see the greater purpose?

Can you see how this person needed to do everything they did so that you could learn the lessons that you have? Reflect on this, because it’s likely that this person that had hurt you so deeply is coming back into your life.

It’s not to further hurt you but because you’re finally ready for some deeper healing. Think about what stands in the way of you accepting this person into your life as your friend.

It doesn’t need to be more. Because in this way, the reasons that you are keeping this person at bay even though the connection is still present is saying more about you than them.

Try to remain open to what comes, because this ex will serve a valuable role in the healing that you’re finally in the place to take on.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Love is a wonderful thing, what’s hard to keep in mind is that this is true whether it works out or not. When an intense romantic relationship ends, usually you try to disregard the person altogether.

Diminishing the love or connection or even finding all the reasons why it was unhealthy or it wouldn’t have worked long-term. Then you do what you do best; you build walls so high that no one can ever reach you again.

But that’s not truly what you want, nor is it how you really feel. It’s better to admit someone hurt us and we still love them than to try to deny our feelings at all.

With this transit you’re going to have the opportunity to admit some truths about yourself, taking responsibility and accountability to a new level so that you are open to what this connection represents to you.

In your case, the ex that comes back is someone that helps you transition to different versions of yourself in this lifetime.

They likely even do feel like family, even if there is a strong connection there. Instead of thinking that they are coming back into your life because you’re meant to be together romantically, try instead to just see them as a member of your soul tribe. Someone who will always be there for you even if it’s not in the way you had first hoped.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

When the one that got away comes back, sometimes we try to tell ourselves that they weren’t. It’s normal to feel afraid when someone we deeply loved comes back because of course, the initial fear is that they are going to hurt us all over again.

But sometimes they don’t. Sometimes two people really do need to separate for a period of time so that they can learn, grow and become better. This is the path of what love really is and why it’s no fairytale. But to truly learn what unconditional love is, this is the path that we need to take.

We need to move through having life fall apart, feeling broken and unsure of where to go next, forgiveness, and then being face to face with the person that not only hurt us the most deeply but that we still love like no other. This time is different.

But it’s for you to see and believe. While it may not happen instantaneously, this is the first step of that new chapter. It’s okay to be afraid and there’s no reason to rush into anything, but just make sure you’re not taking a chance on what you most want because you’re afraid it will end like before.

If you can give yourself credit for growing, then do the same for them. You both can show up as these two new versions of yourself and maybe in doing that, you’ll finally see what the point was to being apart.

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