The Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing A Praying Mantis

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praying mantis on a leaf

Have you ever given insect symbolism much thought? Or more specifically, have you ever thought about the meaning of praying mantis symbolism? 

It may seem like a strange question — after all, many of us view them as silent, unassuming creatures. But you'd be surprised by all the lessons this small-yet-mighty animal has for us! 

Various cultures have long respected the praying mantis. The African Kalahari Bushmen worship the praying mantis as they believe their god, Kaggen, can take on its form. In turn, they see it as a divine messenger. 

The word "mantis" translates into "prophet" or "seer," leading to a similar belief in the praying mantis' role as a "messenger between worlds."

As such, the Ancient Greek associated the insect with clairvoyant abilities and Ancient Egyptians also thought the insect acted as a guide for the dead, leading their souls into eternal life. 

The Spiritual Meaning of a Praying Mantis

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Peace and calm. 

Have you ever seen a praying mantis run around mindlessly? Exactly! As a symbol of stillness, this insect reminds us of what we're missing in our hectic lives — tranquility. It encourages us to take a deep breath, detach, and meditate in order to cultivate some much-needed serenity and clarity. 


Mindfulness isn't about "emptying out" your thoughts. Rather, it teaches us to put deliberate intent behind our actions and the choices we make.

Going about life in a stressful and rushed manner only makes us feel anxious and worn out, so the praying mantis tells us to pay attention to all that we do in order to be more mindful and cultivate healthy habits and mindsets. 

Spiritual Meaning of a Praying Mantis Landing on You

You need to make big changes in your life. 

Consider this a "wake-up call" that urges you to cultivate a deeper awareness of your life. When you take a step back and cultivate trust in your intuition, you will be able to recognize what no longer serves you.

The praying mantis asks you to do something about it — what changes will you make to ensure your happiness and success? 

On the flip side, seeing a dead praying mantis can mean that you're either struggling with indecisiveness or are too "far gone" in your head. Slow down and breathe first. Then act.

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Good fortune will come to you. 

Many consider the praying mantis to be a sign of good luck. If you're familiar with the phrase "good things come to those who wait," it corresponds with the insect's message of patience. In turn, it promises us that good luck is on its way and we will reap what we've sowed. 

Your life's purpose has a deeper meaning. 

Particularly in today's world, we sometimes forget what it truly means to be alive. We're always caught up in the latest social-media drama or 24/7 access to global news, which can make us feel disconnected and small in the grand scheme of things.

The praying mantis reminds you of your innate spiritual power and divine connection to all things. Don't get so caught up in the materialistic world! 

Praying Mantis Animal Totem

It is believed that those who have the praying mantis as a totem animal possess incredible intuitive abilities and an amazingly strong spiritual connection to the divine. These individuals help elevate humanity's consciousness whenever they have the chance to share their knowledge.   

Praying Mantis Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, the praying mantis will encourage you to seek peace, especially through creativity. It works to remind you of the importance of meditation and is willing to share its intelligence with you when you're still and ready to receive!

The next time a praying mantis happens to find you, be sure to thank it for its messages of wisdom and encouragement.

After all, it only wants to help us find true peace!

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