3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall For The Wrong Person During The Moon Conjunct Venus In Libra Starting September 9, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall For The Wrong Person During The Moon Conjunct Venus In Libra Starting September 9, 2021

Venus conjunct the Moon starting September 9, 2021, is going to be a powerful transit for three zodiac signs who fall for the wrong person. 

There's a whole lot in store for Taurus, Cancer, and Libra zodiac signs beginning this Thursday during the Venus in Libra and Moon conjunction.

One of the reasons we fall for the wrong person - at any time of the year, at any point in our lives, is because we are looking at what we want to see in a person, rather than at who they really are.

It's not to say we all have an evil 'true self' within, but the truth is - we are not the perfect person that we pretend to be when we first meet them.

We show our best side, and in this way, we hide what's yet to come. We are the wrong person - in the same way, that they are.

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We don't even need a cosmic conjunct like Moon conjunct Venus to throw us into falling in love with the wrong person - we do that well enough on our own, and we will continue to do so until we are no longer.

However, when we do come under the influence of such a transit - Moon in Libra entering the zodiac sign of Scorpio Conjunct Venus in Libra, for instance - we become magnetized by the hope of love and connection. In fact, we pursue it.

We want to fall in love with an idea, and we convince ourselves that the person we found is as close to that ideal as we'll ever get.

And so, when that person shows their true nature, we plummet in despair, but not after sufficiently trying to convince ourselves that this isn't really happening.

What we've done is that we've fallen in love with the wrong person - not because they're wrong, but because we put too much pressure on them to be what we want, rather than who they are.

Zodiac signs who fall for the wrong person during the Moon conjunct Venus in Libra starting September 9, 2021:

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

What you may experience during this transit - Moon Conjunct Venus in Libra is a feeling of recognition; you are now ready to take responsibility for your own behavior.

With this comes the solid knowledge that you fall in love too easily, and with all the wrong people.

You are only now just starting to love and honor yourself, and in doing so, you know that you have to give up certain attractions - at one point, you may have been self-destructive, and so you gravitated towards destructive people.

This can no longer be your style - you know you have to change, and you do. This transit teases you - tempts you to return to your old ways, and fortunately, you have learned the lessons of your own past.

You do not return to the self-destructive patterns of the past. You have fallen for the wrong person too many times - now you can spot this mistake ahead of time. Good for you, Taurus.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

You've been guilty of playing the comparison game, haven't you, Cancer? By this, what's meant is that you see other people in your life partnered up, and supposedly 'very happy' and you cannot stand another minute not being a clone of them.

You want what they have and so you put out your beacon and attract to you whomever you can get.

Neediness and desperation have created a bottomless pit within you, and you must fill this void, no matter what. You believe it's your birthright to be coupled, and so you find someone, endow them with qualities they do not have, and you end up unsatisfied - but partnered.

It's as if being able to tell others that you are 'happily married' is more important than the actual happiness itself.

During this transit you will lie to yourself about the person you are with, making them seem a god, a perfect person. In your heart, you know you are not with the 'right' person, but it means more to you to pretend for the sake of others, that you are blissfully happy.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

The wrong person lurks on every corner, and by golly, you're going to find one for yourself. After all, you have as much right as anyone to find and fall in love with the wrong person - and thanks to this transit, you will.

This is a cosmic setup; you don't believe in ideals or perfect people, and yet, you think you may have just found the ONE.

We, humans, tend to like that expression: The ONE, as if there's this one person out there who is meant for us, and when we find them - which is what you will believe you have done - we need do another thing.

We can just shrug our hands up in the air and thanks to the stars for the perfect love we've just found. That is, of course, until we, as in YOU, start to see the failings of this process.

If you can adjust your expectation levels, Libra, you may survive this well, after all, it IS in your nature to find the balance, even if it's in your expectations of another person's behavior. You, of all the signs, will do fine.

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