3 Zodiac Signs Who Need To Be Loved During Mars Conjunct The Moon Starting September 7, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Need To Be Loved Starting September 7, 2021

Three zodiac signs will need to be loved during Mars conjunct the Moon starting September 7, 2021, and like it or not, they will find it hard not to show the way that they feel.

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What is it about love that makes us feel we need it in our lives? Is it an ideal that we believe promises happiness?

Or is it something we've been taught is the cure-all for any malady we may have? Most of us feel the need for love - and many of us find that love...but does it last?

Is love, or rather, being loved by someone special all it's cracked up to be?

These are the questions we will ask ourselves during Venus in Libra this month, but over the next few days, as of September 7 ushers in the Mars Conjunction Moon in Libra transit we long for more.

All of our energy during the Libra Moon conjunct Mars with Venus in Libra will be spent on the pursuit of love, and for many of us, that pursuit may bring us mediocrity.

Is it that we cannot find the right person, or is the problem in us?

When we shoot for perfection during Mars in Virgo, we set ourselves up for the fall. People are people and in love, nobody's perfect. Ever.

Some may prove to be incapable of having a decent relationship, while others may erupt in neediness that simply cannot be filled. This transit brings out that neediness.

Zodiac signs who need to be loved during Mars conjunct the Moon starting September 7, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Passion is your thing, Aries - you don't do anything without it backing you up. In love and in romance, it's the same, and you hold your partner to the highest standards with your ruler Mars in Virgo, meaning - they better get it right - or else! And, naturally, they never get it right, mainly because you are asking them to become clones of you, and, as we all know - there's no one quite like you.

Mars Conjunct The Moon starting September 7, 2021 revs up your passion engines; you must be met on your level - you need your partner to become as passionate as you are.

And they may very try, but when they fail, you will take it as an insult, and when you, Aries, feel insulted - you insult back. Your Mars-induced neediness turns you into a relentless basher; you don't care who you take down. If they don't suit your needs, you might as well make their lives a living hell.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Mars Conjunct the Moon in Libra starting September 7, 2021, stirs up your paranoid side, Taurus, and once you start feeling that way, you also start feeling little, and needy.

You don't like this in yourself, and you try to avoid feeling needy by pretending you don't care. This kind of faux indifference makes you feel even worse - all you want is to be loved.

Where is your person, where is that person you turn to when you need love and affection? Here's the thing - they are right there, and they probably don't understand why you're suddenly feeling so alone and un-catered to.

The Moon has you feeling sensitive and raw beginning Tuesday, while Mars energy brings on the confusion and the feelings of isolation. All alone in a crowded room - that's you, mentally and emotionally, during Mars Conjunct Moon.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Neediness is something you recognize in yourself - and it is something you reject. You will not be needy! It's just not the Gemini way, although, it is the human way, and we humans do go through panicky moments of need and desperation.

When you feel you need love, you retreat into chilly abandon. You will not let anyone know of your feeling, which really works in the opposite way for you.

If you don't reach out, then no one knows that you need them...and needing people isn't a crime, Gemini, in fact, in small doses, it can actually get you what you want starting Tuesday.

Alas, Mars Conjunct the Moon starting September 7, 2021, will have you holed up in a room, pretending all is well. Yes, you are the great pretender, Gemini.

You take yourself off the radar so that no one will reject you. In other words, you reject yourself before anyone else can.

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