3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Way Too Honest During Moon Trine Venus Starting August 31, 2021

It's the best policy.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Way Too Honest Starting August 31, 2021 buradaki/Shutterstock.com

On August 31, we begin a transit called Moon Trine Venus, and it's a tricky one for three zodiac signs, because the potential for a positive outcome is great - though it's still up to us to make sure we act in such a way that we are able to reap that reward.

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There's a certain kind of honesty that comes out of this transit as well, and while that always sounds like 'the best policy', we're dealing with some misplaced discretion; we want to help, but is this the right time?


Are our well-intended bits of advice something we should share - or withhold? These will be our questions during this time. Share, or withhold?

Moon Trine Venus is loving, and many of our experiences with truth, honesty and discretion will revolve around love - and the love we have for the people we believe may need our guidance.

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We have to step back and ask ourselves some very important questions before you offer up our honest opinion, and those questions are: "Is what I'm about to say NEEDED, and will it help, or will it hurt?" In other words, the best advice of the day is 'think before you speak."


Which signs are way too honest during the Moon Trine Venus?

Zodiac signs who are way too honest during Moon trine Venus starting August 31, 2021:

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

You are an incredibly perceptive person, Gemini. You can see right through a person, and you believe that you can spot exactly what's wrong with them and what they should do to improve their lot in life. Most of the time, you're spot on - this is no joke, you truly do have the gift of profound insight.

What may occur during this transit is an ego-driven need to 'save' someone, with the power of your analysis.

So, unless you are someone's paid therapist, you must keep in mind that there is not one single person on this planet that likes or appreciates being psychoanalyzed by someone they are not paying to do so.


The one area where you go wrong is in thinking you know a person better than they do; this is misguided ego - you can never know a person better than they know themselves. Your advice is brilliant and extremely helpful - but you must WAIT to be asked for it.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Moon Trine Venus is about to rev your engine, once again, when it comes to truth-telling and honesty. You have always told the truth. You believe it's the right thing to do, and that it sets you free.

You might even believe your truth can set someone else free, though you forget that that kind of revelation is up to the person who experiences it. What may take you off track during this event is that you basically 'out' someone who isn't ready to be outed.


This can branch out over any number of topics, but the reality is that it's not up to you to be honest for another person.

If you reveal someone's secret because you think they are better off being outed, then you're not doing that person a favor; you are making them feel awkward and pressured.

You might think that's the process, and that their enlightenment depends on your action - that is ego. Do not speak for others. Honesty is a beautiful thing, indeed, but how much we reveal is up to us - not up to you, Leo.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Naturally honest, and a born truth-teller, you are also a blurter and an insensitive fool at times. Your insensitivity is not something you are aware of, however; you think that telling the truth is cool, it's just that you do it without thinking.


You don't consider the consequences. You just figure that if you let the truth out of the bag, everyone will flow easily with it. Hey, it's the truth - what could be wrong with that?

Well, not everyone is ready for the truth - or for your truth, which also translates as YOUR OPINION. Moon Trine Venus brings out the helper in you.

You want to be the friend that is tried and true; you want only to be the one who helps, and yet during this particular transit, you have the power to mess with people's heads.


This truth that you share - is it really the truth, or is it just something you believe in? Stay out of trouble during this time by selecting your words carefully, and delivering your truth in increments.

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