How To Interpret Candle Flame Meanings

Uncover these candle flame meanings!

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Candle flame meanings are fun to unpack and can improve your ability to cast spells.

Interpreting the way a candle burns can lead to insights and deep truths galore.

It can also confirm whether or not a spell has truly been conjured

Here are 21 candle flame meanings based on divination using fire, wax, and smoke.

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Pyromancy: Divination Using Fire

1. Colored flames and flame color meanings 

Candle flames can burn red, yellow, or blue colors.

A blue flame is the most powerful of all flames, symbolic of the presence of an angel, fairy, or spirit.

Red and yellow flames represent mundane energy.

2. Tall flame meaning

Let’s unpack the candle flame too high meaning. A tall, strong flame is a sign of perseverance.

If the flame is tall enough to push beyond its limits, it’s trying to tell you that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

3. Flickering flame meaning

The flicker candle flame is quite possibly the most exciting flame of all.


When a flame flickers in your presence, it means a spirit has arrived.

4. Dancing flame meaning 

A dancing flame is a sign that a spell is working, but suggests there are some obstacles.

5. Popping flame meaning 

A flame that makes a popping sound is not a good sign.

It signifies a bad form of communication. If you’re conducting a protection spell, the popping flame comes as a warning.

A warning that someone is trying to harm you or wish you ill will.

6. Multiple flames meaning 

Multiple flames, or dual flames as some like to call them, means that there are two or multiple energies at work.

The most common dual-flame spiritual significance is two energies in opposition.


Something is working against something else, rather than with.

7. Crackling and sputtering flame meaning 

Crackling and sputtering flames also serve as a warning that frequent arguments are in your future.

8. Self-extinguishing flame meaning 

A self-extinguishing flame means that the spirit world has had enough or your spell candles and candle magic and they've rejected the spell.

9. Short, low, or weak flame meaning 

Short, low, and weak. That doesn't sound appealing, does it?

Surprise, surprise, it's a positive outcome. It just suggests that you need to be patient in order for your spell to come true. 

10. Peaceful, steady, unflickering flame meaning 

A steady flame suggests that the spell is doing what it is supposed to do. 


11. Fast-burning flame meaning.

When a flame burns out of control, it's a sign that something isn't working right.

If your candle flame burns fast, it means you need to slow down in your spell process.

Tend to your flame, don't push it. 

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Capromancy: Divination Using Smoke

1. Black smoke meaning

Black smoke means that your spell is locked.

It's a sign of conflict, bad energy, and opposition to your spell work.

2. White smoke meaning

A puff of white smoke is an indicator of benevolent spirits.

White soot represents spiritual communication, although it is very rare.


3. Gray smoke meaning 

Gray smoke indicates that your message was received. Congratulations!

4. Black soot meaning

Black soot takes on a similar meaning as black smoke.

It carries a negative connotation, unfortunately. 

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Ceromancy: Divination Using Wax

1. Candle doesn't burn clean meaning

When a candle doesn't have a clean burn, then your spell is having some difficulty being conjured.

There's an obstacle that you're refusing to notice. If only candles could talk, so you didn't have to guess. 

2. Candle burns on one side only meaning

A candle burning on only one side is a sign that your spell wasn't grounded enough.


It's a suggestion to put forth more patience and focus.

If the wax left on the candle starts to burn on one side and one side only, you may need to reframe your mindset


3. Crater meaning 

A crater in your candle means that your spell is being blocked by opposing energies. 

4. Clockwise burn meaning

A clockwise candle wax flow is a sign that you’re attracting positive forces with your spell.

Finally, one of the candle signs that indicate good things are afoot

5. Counterclockwise burn meaning

A counter-clockwise candle wax flow indicates the opposite of a clockwise burn. 

Something that you desire is moving away from you, not toward.

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