14 Crystal Clear Signs He Wants To Make Love To You

Knowing the signs your partner wants to make love to you can tell if he loves you more than sex.

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Physical intimacy is extremely important in a relationship — especially when it comes to sex with your partner and knowing the signs he wants to make love to you.

Making love is about more than just having sex — it's about expressing feelings of romantic love through sex. Making love is a non-verbal way to show someone you love them through physical contact and connection.

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Sex is more about the physical part and wanting to please each other's bodies erotically. Casual sex could mean nothing to some people while making love means everything to a lot of people.

It can be hard to tell the difference between someone who is simply sexually attracted to you and someone who desires you in a more intimate and romantic way, but there are signs that can point you in the right direction.

You can tell a man likes you more than sex if he cares more about you than having casual sex with you

Making love isn't just about sex to a man. If he makes love to you, it means that he loves you and he wants to please you in an intimate way — he wants to have passionate, romantic sex.


The intimacy level is so much greater when making love because there's not just a physical connection, but an emotional connection too. 

Knowing this difference can help you understand what type of relationship you are in (or that you want to be in) and have both your sexual and emotional needs met.

If you still aren't sure of the difference, watch for these tell-tale signs that he wants to make love with you — and not just have sex. 

Here are 14 signs he wants to make love to you.

1. He can't keep his eyes off you.

Eyes are the window to the soul and by looking into your partner's eyes you can he's falling in love. A man who just wants sex avoids eye contact.  If your partner can't keep staring at you and making eye contact with you that's when you know he can't get enough of you and that he wants to make love to you. 


He will find you in a room full of people and give you a smile and a wink that can't help but make you blush and feel all giddy inside. He can't help but admire your beauty and glance up and down your body not as if he's admiring a beautiful statue. 

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2. He acts in heroic ways. 

If a man loves you he will act in heroic ways to defend, love, and worship you. You are his queen and he will want to prove that he's worthy to make love to you.

He does these sorts of things like offering to hold your purse or give you a back massage because he respects you and knows that if he does good deeds for you that you will return the favor, not that he's expecting that as well. However, by proving his hero instinct, his actions in the bedroom will be even more meaningful to you.


3. He kisses you in a way that makes your heart skip a beat.

The way he kisses you can tell you if he's committed to you or not. A kiss can carry a lot of emotion and feeling and passion especially one that's filled with love.

You'll be able to know from his kiss that he loves you or not and wants to make love to you. A man that loves you also knows how you like to be kissed and that's like an invitation to making love with your partner because they know the right spots to turn you on. 

4. He gives you physical affection whenever and wherever possible.

There is never a moment where he's not touching you when he wants to make love to you, either on your hand, shoulder, head, leg, waist, and whenever he touches you it feels like an electric shock is going through your body. You love that he's able to touch you and give you the physical affection that you crave.

He's also respectful when you don't want to be touched he will keep his space but it will be hard to keep his hands off you, especially when you're making love together. 


5. He takes the burden and time to plan dates. 

He wants to make love to you if he takes the time out of his day to plan a romantic and tastefully planned date with you.

He will pull out all the stops in order for you to have the most romantic night filled with roses, champagne, and lots of delicious food. 

6. He uses body language to communicate how he feels about you.

You can tell that a man wants to make love to you by communicating with his body, he doesn't just jump right into things he plays it by looks and can tell if your body language matches his.

He then can give you specific signs through his body language like licking his lips, facing his body towards you, looking up and down to meet your eyes.


7. He doesn't mind taking things slow.

A man who wants to make love to you will 100 percent respect you by taking things slow if you need it, as they know slow and steady wins the race. He will never rush into something and make you uncomfortable because he cares about your feelings and wanting to please you physically and emotionally. 

He also wants to spend more time doing foreplay with you and getting you ready and turned on for him. If you end up not wanting to have sex even after foreplay he respects that and will wait for you and respect whatever decision you make he won't be mad if you can't Netflix and chill. 

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8. He cleans his room for you.

Ladies, we all know guys can be disgustingly messy sometimes so when we see a man with an actual clean room, that's a turn-on already. If your partner is known for having a messy room but you come over one night to a clean room you should get excited because he most definitely did that all for you. 


What makes it even more intimate is if he decorates a little as well by getting some mood lighting, lighting a candle, and playing some music to get in the mood. 

9. He wants to know how to please you in bed.

By him getting to know your intimate moments in life he will be able to get to know what you like in bed and what pleases you. This is a big sign that he wants to make love to you as he wants to aim to please you and knows what you like in the bedroom so he can make the most of it to you while making love. 

He also will ask in a polite way as he's trying to get to know what sorts of things have worked before for you and that turn you on.

10. He asks if you want a massage.

He will do things for you to please you even if it's not sexual before making love like asking you if you want a calming massage and therefore your body will be loose and ready for some physical activity. 


He will also do other things to treat you like buying you some bath bombs or face masks and getting you really relaxed and in the mood. 

11. He makes an effort to look nice when he sees you.

You can tell when a guy is making an effort for you when he dresses in actual clothing that fits him well, puts on some cologne, and styles his hair.

If he wants to make love to you he will make himself look good for you and especially smell good for you. 


12. He puts in the work. 

If he's making effort and doing things out of his way for you in general that could be a good indicator that he wants to make love to you.

This also means he's putting in the work emotionally to develop a deeper and stronger connection with you if that's getting to know you better or eating a homemade meal and talking about desires and futures and such.

13. He responds to your texts fast. 

The worst thing is when you have to wait for a guy to text you back when you're in the mood. A man who wants to make love to you will make the effort to always text you back on time and not keep you waiting any minute, especially in the bedroom.

14. He's not afraid to show how much he's into you in public.

If he wants to make love to you he will also show you acts of love in the form of public displays of affection. He won't shy away from holding your hand in front of his friends or kissing you on the street. By doing this you can tell that he doesn't just want sex from you but he wants to make love to you and prove to you that he does love you. 


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