10 Ways To Enchant Your Man


10 Ways To Enchant Your Man
Learn some modern-day attraction tips inspired by Old-World wisdom!

Want to enchant your man?  Look at no further than famous fiction.  The original enchantresses in the legends of King Arthur forced knights to honor them with what was termed “courtly love”. Under the spell-powers of these magical goddesses, brave and fierce warriors learned to be gentlemanly and dutiful, and in return received devotion and sexual attention beyond their wildest dreams. Soon, even the most powerful of mortal men (wizards, even) were defenseless to the seductive powers of enchantresses.

Now it’s your turn to be a modern enchantress and have men addicted to you. Here are some attraction tips to help you inspire him to be your knight in shining armor and make him willing to do WHATEVER he can to HONOR you and your relationship:


Be like a jellyfish. Have you ever seen a fluther of jellyfish floating in a fish tank? Maybe even touched one at an aquarium?  Their lack of rigid body parts makes them soft and fluid, and their movements look almost sensual. When you are with a man let the image of a jellyfish make you a more sensual woman. Focus on softening your face muscles and relaxing your shoulders, hips, thighs, etc. (anywhere you carry tension). Even imagine a soft, vulnerable heart purring a tender beat in your chest. This will help you invite more intimate moments with him (a giggle, a whispered secret, a lingering brush of your arm against his, more loose and loungy body language, a more emotional response when he flirts, etc.). Emotion Seduction.

Sit on your hands. Anytime you feel the compulsion to do something to deepen the connection between you and a man (call him, fill in all the silences in conversation, make plans, cross the room to sit close to him, etc.), stop yourself. Instead just remain still, making no movements toward him… OR away from him (walling yourself off or playing a game of hard-to-get). Just remain available to receive his advances using the jellyfish image.

Be smart with your intelligence. A lot of smart women try too hard to show men how intelligent they are. These brilliant dames don’t realize that they are coming across as know-it-alls and bitches, or even as insecure. You don’t have to prove anything to a man. If you are smart, he will pick up on this without you having to wrap it in a bow and plop it down in front of him. Use your intelligence to make him think you are sassy: throw witty banter at him and give him a chance to see how good you are at playing a sexy game of verbal cat-and-mouse. 

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