3 Zodiac Signs Who Have Unrealistic Expectations In Love During Venus Square Jupiter Starting August 25, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Have Unrealistic Expectations In Love Starting August 25, 2021

There are three zodiac sign who have unrealistic expectations during Venus in Libra square Jupiter starting on August 25, 2021. What is a square?

It is an aspect on which two planets are separated by a 135 degree angle. Its effect on us is similar to the effect of a sesquiquadrate or semi-square between celestial bodies.

Venus square Jupiter leads to expectations that never get met, and this is what happens to Taurus, Leo, Scorpio on August 25, 2021.

While a minor aspect, its influence still has powerful reverberations on us, and we will be feeling it. For some, more than for others.

When Venus, for example, is Venus square Jupiter, we are looking at everything we think about in love, blown up way out of proportion.

Unrealistic expectations are only part of it, and depending on how intense our feelings of love are is how we process the enormity of the head trip we're about to go on.

We may fall into fantasy, as Jupiter in Aqaurius - the fantasy planet - isn't exactly sitting this one out.

It's Jupiter that makes a big deal out of whatever its involved with, and being that it's focus is on Venus, we, too, can expect to make a big - perhaps even fictional - deal about everything in love and romance.

Zodiac signs who have unrealistic expectations during Venus square Jupiter starting August 25 2021:

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

You will get to witness yourself go so far over the top today, that you may actually be surprised by your own behavior.

This is the day where you show the person you love how much you adore them - and find out that they are 'OK' with it. Yes, it's definitely about you going a little too far, and finding yourself very uncomfortable and vulnerable. Why?

Because you expected too much from this person, too soon. It's not as if they don't have the same love for you, it's that, for them, it's still in the potential phase, sort of semi-dormant.

You are a helluva passionate person, and you can be overwhelming. If the person you proclaim your love to is not on your passion-level (I mean, really, Taurus - who is?) then you may end up feeling a little foolish.

You're not a fool, Taurus, you're just larger than life, and if you have patience - your person will come around. Hang tight - keep it level.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

This transit is going to overly hype your sense of self, meaning you are going to be Leo to the thousandth power - which could be quite an event in itself.

While Venus is going to give your intensity a focal point, square Jupiter is going to expand that feeling until you become a total takeover.

What this looks like is you, in love, and taking the position of the power playing ruler. You want, you demand, you expect and, and, and...you get a lot less than you thought you'd get.

That's the tricky part with expectation; it's a set up that could very easily become a huge let down. When YOU expect, Leo, you give people no option; it's "GIVE ME ALL YOUR LOVE RIGHT NOW!" or nothing at all, and that's a bit pushy, don't you think?

While your storm-trooper love may be flattering, you might want to take it down a notch or 20,000.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

You're the boss, right? You're the one in your relationship that calls the shots, and should you be contradicted, then it's "no soup for you!" You like wielding the power, and you, in your odd naïveté, never expect to be challenged.

So, when Venus square Jupiter, starting on August 25 shows up in our lives, you show up as a real pain in the tush. You want your partner to jump through hoops for you - and if you could make them literally 'jump' you would.

To you, this is how they need to prove their love. At some point, this love of yours is going to think you're simply psychotic; enough, Scorpio. Pull it back. You're not the circus master, and your partner is not your prize animal act.

Expectations are good, but try to keep them within the human realm. But most of all - this crap where you punish people for not being what you want them to be is trash behavior - get over yourself.

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