3 Zodiac Signs Whose Dreams Come True During The Moon Opposite Neptune Starting August 9, 2021

Should you listen to them?

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Dreams Come True During The Moon Opposite Neptune Starting August 9, 2021 Dotted Yeti/Shutterstock.com

Starting August 9, we will be focusing on our dreams and how to interpret them. Neptune will be stimulating our nocturnal psyche, and our dreams may hold insight.

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And with the Moon Opposite Neptune during this phase, we will become more and more aware of the emotions that come up as we seek to understand our dreams.


During the Moon opposite Neptune starting on August 9, three zodiac signs whose dreams will come the experience will feel surreal.

Questions will arise: "Am I on the right track? Are my dreams trying to tell me something? Should I listen to them?"

The Moon's influence may introduce confusion, during this transit. We may come to doubt ourselves, although that doubt can just as easily turn into belief and hope.

What Neptune will provide is a full analysis of our emotional state, which means we will be able to work our way through any issue, with the promise of finally being able to understand something that we didn't think possible.


The end result of this transit will allow us insight that we can work with, rather than a bunch of psychic data that just floats about with no purpose.

In other words, this is a time for revelation; be prepared to find something out about yourself and to bring it to light so that it may manifest as a dream come true.

Zodiac signs whose dreams come true during the Moon opposite Neptune starting August 9, 2021:

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

You are someone who has experienced nightmares in the past. You've even dreaded going to bed for fear of the dreams you may have. Now your dreams seem to be telling you something and it would be advised to at least give them a shot at analysis.

You're going through a transformative phase, Taurus, and while this is an ongoing process, it will be on and around August 9, where you recognize how your dreams can actually be helpful to you.


So, it's not like your dreams are going to come true - it's that your dreams hold insight as to how you can make your life go as you want it to.

This is the time for you to pay attention to your emotions and your fleeting thoughts - everything is important right now. The insight you seek is within you.

Pay attention to what mysterious messages your mind may tell you - those messages hold the key to your future.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

What's best to know about Moon Opposite Neptune, for you, Cancer, is that this is more about paying attention to your intuition than it is about making moves in the world.


What's meant by that is - this is not the time for you to make decisions, especially in money and work. Hold off for a while, as your judgement may not be totally clear. Your dreams may hold insight for you - pay attention to them.

The universe is telling you to go within, and that if you are able to understand yourself better, you can proceed in a much clearer fashion - ensuring success for the future. If you have a goal, and you wish to make your dreams come true - you will be able to manifest such a lofty state only if you pull back and work out a plan.

In other words, this is the planning stage, not the action stage. Retreat, think, plan and then execute at a later date. This will guarantee that your dreams can manifest in the way you want them to.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

It may feel like a confusing time for you, Capricorn, as the Moon Opposite Neptune can create disorder and confusion for your sign. You are not someone who likes to display emotion: that's ok, because this transit isn't about expressing - it's about repressing for the time being.

What's needed for you is to practice what is known as The Conspiracy of Silence. This is where you refrain from voicing what's on your mind, allowing everyone around to come up with their own conclusion. If you have a plan or a goal in mind, this is where you fine-tune that goal.

What's NOT needed right now is action. If you want to manifest your goal and make your dreams come true, you must practice patience. The act of retreat, in this case, is what will build you up as a stronger person, and with newfound strength, you will have more energy to manifest your will.


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