What It Means If You Keep Dreaming About Spiders

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Many of us have at least some semblance of arachnophobia and will do what we can to avoid spiders in our waking life — only to go and have spider dreams while we're sleeping.

The spiritual meaning of a spider is all about creation and control. A dream about a spider typically says something about your fears.

If a spider — or multiple spiders — pops up in your dream, it could be your dream’s way of informing you that your insecurities and fears are interfering with your well-being.

The path to fulfillment starts with taking your fears head-on.

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The Meaning of Different Types of Spider Dreams

1. Being trapped in a web

In a dream, being trapped in a spiderweb could mean you’re feeling trapped in real life.

2. Recurring dreams about spiders

When your head hits the pillow to knock out for the night, are you seeing spiders far too much?

Recurring dreams symbolize unresolved issues that are plaguing your day-to-day life.

3. Big or giant spiders

So a big spider is lurking in the shadows of your dream world. What does it represent?

Something large is looming over you, and you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

The more you ignore your problems, the bigger the spider will get. Good luck finding a spatula large enough to swat it.

4. Killing a spider

Killing spiders in a dream is a sign of bad luck.

Watch out!

5. Small spider or baby spider

A small baby spider is symbolic of new beginnings.

New friends, new relationships, new marriage proposals, new years, and new nails!

6. Being attacked by a spider or bitten by a spider

If a spider tries to attack or bite you in a dream, there are external forces trying to attack you in real life.

7. Black spiders

There are two types of loneliness— the loneliness from isolation, and the loneliness that comes with being around too many people.

A black spider represents feelings of either type of loneliness. You’re feeling isolated in your social circle.

8. Lots and lots of spiders

Spiders, everywhere? I’m pretty sure that’s actually the worst place for spiders everywhere.

It’s not the best form for spiders to appear in your dream either.

Apparently, it suggests that you’re butting heads with a woman in your life.

9. Spiders in your ear 

In dreams, spiders in the ears mean you should listen to the women around you.

This will help you get your intuition into shape.

In waking life, it means you’re in big trouble.

10. Spider web

A web represents feeling so wrapped up in a problem that you can’t find an exit.

11. Eating a spider

No more waiting around for your dreams to achieve themselves. Swallowing a spider is a gentle reminder (well, not really gentle) that your fate is in your hands.

12. Flying spider

You are like a phoenix, rising from the ashes. Only in this scenario, it’s a spider. Also you’re not the spider; it’s flying in front of you. There are also no ashes involved. Plus, it’s a dream.

You are on the rise, essentially.

13. Spiders in your bed

A spider in a bed, in a dream, suggests someone is crossing your boundaries and invading your privacy.

A spider in your bed, in real life, also suggests that. That someone is a spider.

14. Spiders hanging above you

If a spider is hanging over your head in a dream, it means something is metaphorically “hanging over your head” in real life.

15. Spiders in your hair

If a spider is chilling in your hair, it means you’re afraid of losing something — a relationship, a friendship, a job, your life, the lottery, etc.

16. Being chased by spiders

You’re acting like a baby, playing the victim, trying too hard to be innocent.

It’s time to grow up.

17. Pet spiders

Pet spiders? Cute!

In a dream? Bad news. It means you’re feeling so trapped in your insecurities that you tend to them — as if they were your pet.

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Different Types of Spider Dream Meanings 

1. Tarantula spider dream meaning

A Tarantula in a dream presents itself as a challenge — a challenge to be patient.

Everything you want is coming for you. All you have to do is wait.

2. Black widow spider dream meaning

A major transformation is about to occur.

Get ready for your whole world to turn upside down.

3. Redback spider dream meaning

Apparently, a redback spider is encouraging you to spread the love.

4. Jumping spider meaning

A jumping spider is as terrifying as it sounds.

If you see one of these in your dreams, it means you’re trapped in a dynamic that’s full of deceit.

The spider is not trying to terrify you, it’s trying to warn you. Be careful who you trust.

Dream Interpretations About Spiders And Other Animals

1. Snakes and spiders

Dreams about snakes and spiders can only mean one thing: malicious people are afoot.

Or you know, it could mean that you’re just dreaming about snakes and spiders.

But if you tend to trust the symbolism behind your dreams, the snakes and spiders suggest a “web of lies” in your inner social circle.

Siri, delete all the fake friends from my life, please.

2. Scorpions and spiders

A dream sighting of scorpions and spiders is a sign you must stop running away from all of your problems in life.

The only thing you should be avoiding is avoidance itself.

Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism of Spider Dreams in Different Cultures

1. Biblical meaning of dreaming about spiders in Christianity

In Christianity, spiders take on an extremely negative connotation. 

A spider in a dream is symbolic of lies and deceit — to Christians. 

2. Dreaming about spiders in Islamic tradition

In Islamic tradition, spiders are revered for their helpfulness and great fortune.

A spider in a dream represents someone who utilizes their time to ask forgiveness from Allah.

3. Dreaming of spiders in Japanese mythology

The Jorōgumo is a Japanese mythological spider figure that has the ability to transform into a woman. As a woman, the spider attempts to seduce a woman.

She’s also regarded as a goddess who saves people from drowning.

4. Dreaming of spiders in Chinese culture

In Chinese folklore, spiders are believed to bring great fortune and happiness.

A spider in a dream takes on a significant spiritual meaning, representing the creator, weaving beautiful webs.

5. Dreaming of spiders in Pagan culture

In Pagan culture, a spider in a dream is occult power, trying to keep an enemy far away.

6. Spiders in Native American mythology

In Hopi tradition, the creation myth of Spider Grandmother, Spider Grandmother thought the world into existence — through weaving a web.

Spider Grandmother also plays an important role in Navajo mythology.

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