What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Starfish?

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The spiritual meaning of a starfish is all about the starfish as a celestial being representing love, guidance, inspiration, and more. 

Shaped like stars, the starfish is a remarkable creature able to sense, move, regenerate, and inspires us to follow our hearts and do things in our own unique way, not thinking about how strange it may seem to others.

Other than being the pretty sea creatures you find in the ocean or see in aquariums, starfish are ancient creatures that have many different spiritual meanings.

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What is the spiritual meaning of a starfish?

It shouldn't surprise you that starfish, which are shaped like stars, are known as celestial symbols. The starfish represents divine love, and characteristics of guidance, vigilance, inspiration, brilliance, and intuition.

Spiritually, you will connect with a starfish if you embody any of the following characteristics and words: strong, patient, ancient, magical, healing, sensitive, longevity, renewing, perceptive, mysterious, resourceful.

Starfish Spirit Animal

The starfish teaches you and helps you as a spirit animal to learn how to heal yourself over time and to fill up your void by replacing it with something bigger and better. It encourages you to change and grow for the better through regeneration, renewal, and self-sustainability.

You can call on the starfish spirit animal when you need help moving through life and finding your own unique way to do things. You can relate to the starfish if you always trust your instincts, you explore new possibilities and opportunities, and always follow your inner voice and heart to achieve your goals and fulfill desires.

You might have a strict understanding of things black and white, or right or wrong, but you have to learn that all things are usually balanced somewhere in the middle.

Starfish Animal Totem

When you are guided by the starfish animal totem then that means you're a good friend and lover. The Starfish totem moves through life doing everything in its own unique way.

They help you learn to trust your instincts and eventually you will develop the ability to recognize and seize new possibilities and opportunities.

People with starfish animal totems can follow their inner voice and heart to achieve their goals and desires. Life can toss you anything but you're always able to bounce back. You are incredibly emotional and probably an empath if your spirit guide animal totem is the starfish. That could also mean you need a partner who understands your sensitive personality.

The starfish can be a totem of good luck. It can also help to practice self-love every day and repeat positive affirmations. You know to never be too hard on yourself. You have a strong work ethic and sense of commitment to your career and you always bring peace and harmony into the world. 

Starfish Symbolism in Dreams

When you dream of a starfish, that means you will have better days ahead, move forward confidently in life, and find happiness.

Starfish can also mean that you might need healing and renewal, once you are whole again, you can make smart beneficial decisions.

All in all, seeing a starfish in a dream is good news for you as it symbolizes happiness. Dive deeper into your dream and be surprised by the unexpected.

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Starfish Symbolism in Different Cultures

Native American Starfish Symbolism

The Haida (the eagles) and the Tlingit (the ravens) tribe groups of the Tsimshian Native Americans, came from the Northwest Coast of North America. The Haida tribe had a sub-clan called the starfish clan and carved starfish drawings into totem poles to mark the lineage of the tribe.

The starfish was a powerful symbol to the Haida because it's super-strong, as it has the ability to crack into a mussel shell proved great strength. They connected to the starfish's longevity meaning and deemed the starfish's ability to regenerate, which was a symbol of immortality.

Christianity Starfish Symbolism

In the bible, the Virgin Mary was named Sella Maris, meaning star of the sea. The Virgin Mary is a symbol of guidance and protection for troubled people like seafarers who sought after her for their safe journeys. 

The star and the starfish are important celestial symbols are seen as celestial symbols in the bible representing the infinite divine love.

Egyptian Starfish Symbolism

The starfish is also a godly symbol in ancient Egyptian culture to the mother goddess, Isis. Isis was the mother and friend to those in dire need, like the poor and slaves.

Starfish and Isis are also associated with Sirius, who was sacred to Isis as it appeared when the Nile river would rise. Isis also protects seafarers of the Red Sea who carry a starfish with them to honor her.

Roman Starfish Symbolism

>In folklore and Roman myths, the starfish is the symbol of Venus, the Goddess of love and emotions. Venus was born in the Adriatic sea in Rome and similar to the starfish, she is a sensory feeling goddess. That sea has said to have attributes of the starfish including wholeness, sensitivity, and a full range of emotions.

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