9 Reasons Why A Gemini Woman Won't Commit

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9 Reasons Why A Gemini Woman Won't Commit

Gemini zodiac signs are known for their level of detachment from situations and stress, but this can seem to translate into other areas of their life as well - relationships.

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A Gemini woman is one of the few signs that prefers their singleness over being tied down. Even a Gemini female who is in a fully committed partnership tends to appreciate and value their space.

A Gemini woman won't commit to things just because society says she has to.

Although society often tells us that the goal of life is to get married and have kids, this notion is severely outdated for many reasons.

One being the fact that not everyone is the relationship type.

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For some zodiac signs, single life is completely fulfilling and satisfying.

Still, many people no matter what their natal astrology is, do look for commitment in a relationship and it can be frustrating when there doesn't seem to be any.

According to Psych Central, there are many reasons that people dislike commitment, from a fear of the unknown to a preference towards free-spirited spontaneity.

Your astrological birth chart (or the birth chart of your partner) can actually help provide some insight into why your relationship isn't moving forward.

Some zodiac signs are less likely to commit than others.

For example, while Cancer zodiac signs look for a ride-or-die partner, Sagittarian horoscopes loathe being tied down.

Like Sagittarius, Gemini women — those born between May 21 and June 20 — happen to fall into the category of commitment-phobes, according to astrology.

Why a Gemini woman commit:

1. She is highly independent.

Gemini women are extremely independent and value their freedom greatly.

As an air sign, she is free-spirited in nature and prefers to breeze through life

She wants to be able to do what she wants when she wants, and if someone is preventing this, she will undoubtedly feel suffocated.

If she sees any signs of controlling behavior, she is smart enough not to ignore them. She knows that a relationship with a controlling person could never work, so she is willing to put an end to that partnership.

2. Gemini women are indecisive.

Gemini women struggle to make solid decisions, and committing to a relationship, is no exception.

It’s not necessarily that she doesn't see a long-term relationship with her partner, but that as a person, she is ever-changing.

Because of Gemini's mutable quality, she is flexible and adaptable; however, she also tends to change her mind constantly.

It will take a while for a Gemini woman to commit because she wants to triple-check that her mind won't change.

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3. Gemini tend to be inconsistent.

Considering Gemini is symbolized by the twins, it makes sense that this sign is known for having split personalities.

Because Gemini is a mutable sign, she may be afraid to commit as she worried that her feelings will change or her emotions won't last.

Likely, it's not that she will never be ready to commit, but it will take her significantly longer than most to be ready.

4. She doesn't like routines.

Gemini women are easily bored and constantly crave change, meaning routines are the bane of their existence.

If she gets stuck in a routine, whether as part of a job or relationship, then she'll probably feel like she's going crazy.

Gemini women are scared of monotony, so it's important to show her that even in a committed relationship, excitement and change are possible.

5. Gemini women can be irresponsible.

Gemini women love to have fun, but it's not always responsible fun.

She desires adventure, consequences be damned.

Between stability and excitement, she will always choose the former.

Consequently, committing to a relationship just seems so adult, and so not Gemini.

6. She is controlling.

Gemini women may hate being controlled, but that doesn't stop them from controlling others.

She only trusts herself to do things right, making it difficult for her to commit to and trust another person fully.

Because Gemini is ruled by Mercury, she will also have difficulty committing to someone who argues with her too much.

7. Gemini women love to flirt.

The air sign loves to flirt and it takes a lot for her to want to give that up

Gemini women are social butterflies and love the praise and compliments that come with harmless flirting.

Gemini is also ruled by Mercury — the planet of communication and thinking — meaning that she is extroverted and wants to talk to everyone.

In order to convince her to diminish her flirtatious nature and commit, it's vital that you make her feel wanted and loved.

8. Gemini women are spontaneous.

As a mutable sign, a Gemini woman is constantly looking for the next change or big adventure.

Moreover, as an air sign, she is fun-loving and easy-going.

9. She lives for the moment.

She wants to grab every opportunity available and worries that she will miss out if she doesn't.

If you're trying to get a Gemini woman to commit, show her that rather than losing out on adventures and escapades, she now has a partner in crime.

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