Details About Billie Eilish’s Alleged Boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce

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Billie Eilish

Famed pop singer Billie Eilish might be off the market, as she was recently seen strolling and snuggling with a new man.

Who is Billie Eilish's rumored boyfriend, Matthew Tyler Vorce?

Vorce is reportedly older than Eilish, as the source of the photos stated that he is 29 years old, while Eilish is just 19.

He is also involved in the entertainment industry and shares Eilish’s passion for horror and gore.

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Here is everything you need to know about the popular performer’s apparent partner.

Eilish and Vorce were first seen together earlier this month.

Eilish and Vorce were photographed in Santa Barbara over the weekend of April 18, when they were spotted out getting coffee with Eilish’s sweet pit bull, Shark.

They seemed to get cozy, as Vorce wrapped an arm around Eilish while they waited for their drinks.

Both have yet to comment on their relationship status.

Vorce is an actor.

Vorce is known for his roles in short films including "Itsy Bitsy Spiders" (2013), "I Wasn’t Me" (2015), and feature-length productions like "Dark Hours: Typee" (2016).

He also appears in the upcoming comedy short, "The Curse of Frank Sinatra."

The actor has also starred in several theater productions, including "Blood Alley" and "Creep-Lore" in 2017.

Vorce is also a man of many talents.

Some of his other skills include modern dance, modeling, and playing the drums. He is also trained in improv comedy performance. He enjoys sports such as snowboarding, golf, and ice hockey.

He is also a writer and has written several screenplays, sketches, and poems he shares on social media.

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Like Eilish, Vorce adores phantasmagoria.

Billie Eilish is known for the dark themes in her songs and disturbing visuals in her music videos and general branding. The musician said in an interview with the New York Times that she loves “freaking people out.”

Vorce also seems to have a penchant for horror. His Instagram account is rife with violent and macabre images, and the actor often appears smeared with fake blood.

He is a Halloween enthusiast who includes many frightening themes in his work.

Vorce’s tattoos reflects his love for all things creepy.

The artist has ink of the word “creep” on his wrist, as well as a scream tattoo on his right bicep.

His other body art includes an occult symbol and an anatomically correct heart inked over his own.

He co-created a horror podcast

Vorce recently worked on a podcast called “Searching For Putty Man,” a fictional investigative horror narrative that came out in late March but has since been removed from streaming services.

Vorce was excited about the project, however, and said that he hoped it would be an interactive experience for its listeners.

“Every place in the story has major energy connected to it and [you can] physically go to every place,” Vorce said. “So to be able to listen to us go through these experiences and be in the same place and walk in our footsteps I think would be a lot of fun.”

For unknown reasons, however, the Twitter, Instagram and iTunes accounts for the podcasts all seem to have been deactivated as of now.

He knows Eilish’s family.

Vorce's Instagram page follows and is followed by Eilish’s mom and brother.

He also follows Eilish herself, although she does not follow him back. To be fair, the singer doesn't follow anyone on Instagram.

Vorce is also close with his own mother, Jana Reddick, who he often praises in his posts.

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Vorce is probably a Virgo.

Vorce is believed to have been born on September 10, 1991, meaning his astrological sign is Virgo.

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Virgos are known for being reliable, artistic, and hard workers.

Eilish herself is a Sagittarius, traits of which include optimism and energy.

He’s a staunch feminist.

Vorce is passionately pro-choice and spoke out against the abortion bans sweeping the country in May 2019.

“Men shouldn’t be making laws about women’s bodies,” the actor emphasized in a since-deleted Instagram post.

Eilish also took a stance on this issue, telling Variety at the time that she was infuriated by the new laws.

“Women should say, should do and feel and be exactly what they want,” Eilish said. “Men should not make women’s choices.”

Vorce is now at the center of a fan frenzy.

Since being connected with Eilish, Vorce’s Instagram account has shot from under two thousand followers to nearly 30 thousand.

Fans of Eilish have been spamming his page since the rumors emerged. The comments range from disparaging to supportive, but recently the most popular sentiments include things like “stop harassing this guy,” and “leave him alone.”

In reaction to the attention, Vorce’s Instagram briefly went private after dating rumors began, but it was re-opened to the public shortly afterward.

Eilish has remained tight-lipped about her love life, neither confirming nor denying a relationship with Vorce.

“I definitely want to keep [relationships] private,” the singer said in a radio interview. “I've had relationships and kept them private, and even the ones that I've had, with the tiny amount that I've let the world see, I regret.”

Eilish previously dated rapper Brandon Quentin Adams, which she revealed this year in her documentary, "Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry."

After apparently dating for under a year, the former couple parted ways in 2019, and Eilish has had no other public relationships.

If the “My Boy” singer really is involved in a new romance with Matthew Tyler Vorce, odds are she won’t be confirming it anytime soon!

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