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Exes Harry Styles & Taylor Swift Reunite At The Grammys — Are They Friends Again?

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Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have come a long way since their dramatic breakup in 2013, and now it looks like the couple formerly known as Haylor may have officially put the past behind them.

The famously talented exes supported each other with applause, cheers, and even a friendly chat at this year’s Grammy Awards, and oh how we have missed non-virtual award show moments like this!

As nominees and performers, these two were part of the limited, socially distanced crowd at the event. But not even social distancing could stop them from showing one another some love.

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Swift was on her feet clapping when it was announced Styles would be taking home the Best Pop Solo Performance Grammy for his hit, 'Watermelon Sugar', a category for which she was also nominated.

These two really have come a long way from that time Swift was caught whispering “Shut the f— up” while Styles and his One Direction bandmates were accepting an MTV VMA back in 2013.

Not to mention Swift’s iconic Grammy performance that same year, during which she mimicked a British accent while performing "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," leading many to believe she was taking a thinly-veiled swipe at Styles.

The two dated in late 2012 before going their separate ways for unknown reasons.

Their high-profile but brief relationship is believed to have ended around New Year’s Eve, when Swift was photographed leaving an island alone after separating from Styles during their vacation there together.

Eight years and many songs later, these two seem to have both moved on from their differences.

And cheering each other on from afar wasn’t all that had fans of the former couple hyped up last night.

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Despite their messy breakup, fans have long suspected these exes were on good terms and their Grammys interaction seems to confirms that happy news.

Styles has always been quick to praise Swift’s artistry when asked about her, suggesting that there is no "bad blood" between them (excuse the pun).

Swift returned the favor in musical form with her 2014 hit that was not-so-subtly titled "Style" and contained many references to the former One Direction member. This song was much more flattering than some of her other ex-inspired music, leading many Haylor fans to embrace these two and their platonic friendship.

However, until last nights 63rd Grammy Awards show, there had been no actual sightings of Swift and Styles’ friendship in action, just a couple of bizarre fan theories, including one about the two artists allegedly committing vehicular manslaughter together.

Now behind the scenes footage from showed Swift and Styles chatting it up during a Grammys commercial break.

In the clip, Swift and Styles can be seen engaged in what appears to be a friendly conversation together at the awards show.

The pair kept their masks on for most of the chat, so it's unlikely even the best lip-readers will be able to decipher most of this one for us.

However, their masks did come off long enough for us to see the pair grinning and sharing a laugh, so at the very least we can confirm this does not seem to be one of those “passive-aggressive conversations with your ex” type of situations!

Fans have been speculating about what they think Swift and Styles may have been discussing, with guesses ranging from talks about a possible collaboration to plots to commit more felonies together.

No matter what Swift and Styles were bonding over, we can take it as a win for Haylor lovers everywhere.

And we couldn’t agree more with Swift’s 2014 lyrics — these two really will never go out of style.

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