Is Harry Styles Gay? 8 Signs That He Is (And Larry Stylinson Is Real)

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Is Harry Styles Gay? Signs That He Is And Larry Stylinson Is Real

Could the rumors be true?

I wasn't always a fan of One Direction. The truth is, I've only ever been a fan of Harry Styles. He is an amazing talent and seems like one of the most down to earth celebrities out there.

So, honestly, who cares if Harry Styles is gay or not? Since I'm a married, middle-aged woman, I don't truly care what anyone's sexuality is as long as they are happy, generally a good person and not murdering people.

But ... Harry seems different.

His gregarious personality couples with his major show of support for the LGBT community just ... I don't know ... melts my heart in a way I can't describe.

Harry Styles arrived to the Met Gala 2019 dressed in Gucci. He was the perfect mix of both feminine and masculine. Once again, fans began speculating about his sexual orientation and gender preference. 

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This is nothing new. Directioners (as fans of the band call themselves) — and the ones who call themselves "Larries" in particular — have been speculating about a relationship between two of the band's members, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, for years now.

According to them, record executives do not want the band members to come out of the closet because they could lose their female fanbase.

"Larry Stylinson," as they so affectionately call the relationship (a mix of their names), is truly a rabbit hole to fall down in on the internet once you get started. And if you do decide to venture in, be forewarned that there is some ... pornographic images that might not be suitable for children, or middle-aged married women who feel weird about seeing young men in such precarious positions. Just sayin'.

BUT, because I love you, I scoured the internet so you don't have to. And what I've found are some compelling arguments about Harry Styles being gay and to answer the question so many fans seem to ask: Is Harry Styles gay and is Larry real? 

Here are the signs there may be some truth to the rumors.  

1. In a 2014 interview, Harry Styles said that being female isn't an important trait in a potential partner.

In the interview with On Demand Entertainment (ODE), the host asked questions that were sent over from Twitter.

One fan asked what are 'four important traits you would look for in a girl'?

While Liam Payne said "female" as his first answer, Harry Styles shook his head and said, "Not that important," instead opting for a "sense of humor".

This obviously wasn't his "coming out" interview, but it did give me pause to hear him say that.

2. Is it possible Larry Stylinson have matching, coordinating tattoos?

Ladies and gentleman, believe it or not, there's a fan site dedicated to the tattoos of both Harry and Louis. I don't know why I'm surprised; these Larry fans are hardcore!

Harry Styles has over 30 tattoos (beating my 19 so I'm going to have to catch up!), so I'm not going to go into each and every one of them. You can go here or here if you're interested in the full on analysis.

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BUT, there were a few that caught my eye.

LiveJournal (A collage of tattoos — Harry on the left, Louis on the right)

Apparently, according to the people who believe Larry is real, "Hi," and "Oops" were the first words they ever uttered to each other when they met. And as you can see for yourself in the above picture, a lot of the tattoos do look like they are ones that match.

Could it be a coincidence? Of course. Or maybe Larry is real ...

3. The mystery that surrounds Rainbow Bondage Bear and Sugar Baby Bear (SBB)

Wiki Rainbow Bondage Bear

This might sound strange so please, stay with me here.

During the band's Where We Are tour in 2014, a fan threw a rainbow colored Build-A-Bear on the stage and during the rest of their time touring, it became their unofficial mascot.

The bear even had its own Twitter account (which has since been deactivated by the bear himself) that was supposedly run by the band. However, Larry "shippers" believe it was run by Harry Styles and Larry Tomlinson, sending cryptic and secret messages to fans about their hidden love affair.

And then another bear appeared, a smaller one which fans dubbed "Sugar Baby Bear."

As per Urban Dictionary, a sugar baby is a young female or male who is financially pampered/cared for by a sugar daddy or sugar mama in exchange for companionship (i.e. sexual favors).

This whole bear thing just added to the rumors that Larry is real.

The Radical (Rainbow Bondage Bear)

According to an essay by Daniella Lollie on The Radical, she states:

"That bear started being set up on the stage featuring more and more elaborate get–ups and was subsequently named Rainbow Bondage Bear, or RBB. As time went on the costumes became increasingly more gay-themed, celebrating queer icons (Freddie Mercury and Judy Garland references are frequent and varying), reading gay non-fiction, and eventually started featuring the smaller gay bear. Dubbed Sugar Baby Bear or SBB, he even got married to his larger counterpoint. The kicker? That guy in the picture frame is none other than Larry Grayson, a famous British gay entertainer ... 
The only Tweet that the official account has ever favorited was one that simply stated, “larry ok”, though the fave wasn’t up for longer than a few days. Apart from this, it is clear that the bears became increasingly aware of details within the Larry fandom. For instance, the colors green and blue are associated with Harry and Louis because of the color of the plastic markers on their microphones and their eye colors."

Is it just me or is this conspiracy theory thinking more elaborate than Area 51?

(Please tell me you know what Area 51 is or I'm going to feel so old!)

4. Harry Styles may be a beard for some closeted female celebrities.

(Harry Styles with Taylor Swift)

In October 2012, Harry Styles started dating singer Taylor Swift. There have also been many conspiracy theories about Taylor Swift being gay (and closeted), and a fan scandal called "Kissgate" which refers to blurry photo that supposedly shows Taylor kissing squad member Karlie Kloss has only added to rumors. (Note: Swift denied Kissgate.)

Though their romance was brief, it supposedly inspired an entire album from Swift, 1989. With the songs "Style" and "Out Of The Woods" supposedly being about their relationship. 

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Styles was also linked to Kendall Jenner—one of the younger "Kardashian" sisters. Kendall has also been plagued by gay rumors which are unconfirmed. 

So what's a beard? According to Urban Dictionary: "Any opposite sex escort taken to an event in an effort to give a homosexual person the appearance of being out on a date with a person of the opposite sex."

In a blind item, the insinuation is that management put the two together since they're both gay, and being with each other would make the world believe otherwise.

5. Other celebrities have called out Harry Styles for being gay or bisexual.

Though Boy George admitted that he wouldn't know One Direction if they fell on his head, he did have something interesting to say while speaking to the UK's Daily Star.

80's gay icon Boy George said of the band, "“The odds are one of One Direction must be gay ... I think everyone is a bit bisexual deep down, so the odds are they are probably all bisexual. They’re rock stars so it’s what you’d expect, isn’t it? I’d be disappointed if they weren’t. Tattoos don’t make you butch. Look at me.”

Lance Bass of *NSYNC, in an interview with The Rubin Report, also mentioned that one of the members could be gay, saying,"Statistically speaking, one probably is [gay] ... The market is 100 percent young women and they fantasize about these [One Direction] guys. Then you have the record labels and everyone kind of grooming you to make sure that you don’t even mention that you have a girlfriend ... So screw the fact that you’re going to come out as being gay — it ruins their whole business plan.”

You can watch the video here:

6. Harry Styles comment on Niall Horan's Instagram sparked a controversy.

(Niall Horan's Instagram)

Another band member, Niall Horan, posted a photo on Instagram of him sticking his tongue out. It wasn't long before fans saw that Harry Styles replied with "Can I sit on your face?" and then "Please?"

You naughty, naughty boy, Harry!

7. Harry Styles Instagram has been more colorful as of late.


A post shared by @harrystyles on Jun 12, 2016 at 10:59am PDT

A post shared by @harrystyles on Jun 12, 2016 at 11:11am PDT

You aren't automatically gay when you post pictures of a rainbow and a rainbow flag, but it does show he is in full support of the community and perhaps once again, sending cryptic messages?

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Come on, Harry! Talk to us. This is a safe place!

8. The lyrics to the first song of his debut album could be an LGBT anthem.


A post shared by @harrystyles on Mar 31, 2017 at 5:02am PDT

The song "Sign Of The Times" has some truly beautiful lyrics.

Here's one verse:

"Just stop your crying, it's a sign of the times
Welcome to the final show
Hope you're wearing your best clothes
You can't bribe the door on your way to the sky
You look pretty good down here
But you ain't really good"

As dark as my analysis of this may be, go with me here. 

It feels like it may be what an LGBT person may feel like after they die.

In most religions, it's considered a sin to be gay, so even "bribing the door on your way to the sky" wouldn't work. 

The final show could mean a funeral.

Looking pretty good down here could mean how most people are buried in their "Sunday best" but Heaven forbid (no pun intended) you're gay, it wouldn't matter.

In another verse:

"If we never learn, we been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets? The bullets
We never learn, we been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets? The bullets"

These lyrics honestly gave me the chills when I really sat down to listen deeply.

All I could think about were the images released after the Pulse shooting in Orlando, Florida, which was a popular gay nightclub. Because Harry uses the term "we" when singing "Why are we always stuck and running from the bullets?" Is that Harry telling us he's gay or bisexual?

Listen to "Sign of the Times" for yourself...