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How To Take The TikTok Color Personality Test — And Why Everyone Loves It So Much

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What is The Color Personality Test On TikTok? How To Take it

Another day, another TikTok trend. The latest craze sweeping the video-sharing app is the Color Personality Test that people are using to express themselves via, you guessed it, color psychology.

TikTokers have been sharing their results in videos, often with little context, which has many of us wondering what exactly this test is about.

Those with the color “sprout” are definitely getting the most laughs on social media because the test basically exposed them for being “lazy perfectionists stuck in a house and unable to refuse.” Ouch!

But plenty of other color personalities are also using the test to connect with like-minded people by sharing their results in the hopes of finding their match.

What is the Color Personality Test?

The Color Personality Test making the rounds is possibly derived from the True Colors personality profiling system which is used to categorize people’s temperaments and how they deal with challenging situations. However, that system uses just 4 main colors while the Color Personality Test has the shade range of a colorful summer wardrobe!

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Fortunately for those of us whose attention spans have been severely reduced thanks to TikTok, the test is super quick and easy to do.

Consisting of just 12 questions, the test gauges how you deal with social situations and how you view life as a whole. Then, it gives you a color category based on your answers and offers some interesting insights into your behavior, what challenges you face, and what draws you to others.

Best of all, it tells you what colors you are attracted to and what colors you should avoid so you can compare your results with friends.

If you want to join in on the fun, keep reading to learn how to take the test.

How To Take The Color Personality Test

1. Check out the test.

To find the test go to ktestone.com. The site is Korean, so you may have to scroll down a little to find the English version.

You can also take the test in Spanish, Japanese, and more.

2. Answer the 12 questions you're asked.

Once you’re in, you can start answering the 12 questions about your friendship and life goals.

They’re simple and don’t require much thinking so you’ll be done in no time.

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3. Get your results.

Once you finish all 12 questions, the system will automatically generate your results for you. Your color will be accompanied by all the information you need about this personality type.

So if your color is pink like me, you’re “witty, open-minded, and fashion-conscious.” You'll also get a whole bunch of other interesting insights into how you interact with others.

4. Share your results.

Of course, no Color Personality Test is complete until you post about it on social media. Share your color on TikTok or, if you’re feeling shy, let us know in the comments below!

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