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Is Sabrina Carpenter & Joshua Bassett's Collab A Response To Olivia Rodrigo's 'Drivers License' — Or Great PR?

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Sabrina Carpenter and Joshua Bassett

Just when you thought the "Drivers License" saga could not get any more intense, we’re getting a new addition to the love triangle of music. 

Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter are set to release a collaboration, and fans of the rumored couple — and some Olivia Rodrigo fans — are going crazy.

There hasn’t been a Disney love triangle quite like this one since Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez were passing Nick Jonas back and forth in the early 2000s, and the plot is about to thicken.

The Sabrina Carpenter and Joshua Bassett collab: 

Here's what we know so far.

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Bassett and Carpenter have had all eyes on them since Bassett’s ex, Olivia Rodrigo, released "Drivers License" and called out a “blonde girl,” who many assume to be Carpenter, for stealing her man. 

But it looks like the spotlight on this love triangle — or PR stunt depending on who you ask — isn’t going anywhere, thanks to an unreleased track that features the two stars. 

If you’ve been keeping up with this complex entanglement, you’ll know that Bassett and Carpenter have already released solo music that we can probably assume are about Rodrigo, but this new song could be confirmation that Josh kicked Olivia to the curb of the DMV and has been dating Carpenter ever since — not that we all haven’t assumed that already!

The song is called "We Both Know."

Eagle-eyed fans spotted that a song called "We Both Know" was registered under both artists’ names in November 2020. 

Bassett and Carpenter are both listed as writers/composers on the track, which means we can only assume this will quite a personal track for the couple who have been rumored to be dating since around the time the song was written. 

No lyrics have been released for the song just yet, so we’ll have to wait to see just how deep these two are willing to go. 

It will be on Bassett’s upcoming EP.

"We Don’t Know" is named on the tracklist for Bassett’s self-titled EP. The EP is scheduled to drop on March 12, but fingers-crossed these two will drop the song as a single ahead of the release. 

Bassett has already released two tracks from the EP, including the infamous music video for "Lie Lie Lie," which featured the same car that was in Olivia Rodrigo’s music video and, you guessed it, a blonde girl. 

The song is very personal.

We may not know all the clues about what the song is about, but Carpenter did give fans a brief insight in the interview included above: “It's a collaboration very dear to my heart that I'm very excited about."

We’ve already seen just how candid Carpenter can get in her music. The Work It star released a song titled "Skin" in Jan. which appears to address some of the lyrics of "Drivers License." Carpenter sings: "Maybe you didn't mean it/ Maybe blonde was the only rhyme." 

She also opened up about the chaotic love triangle on her Instagram saying, “I’m still learning to not give other people so much power over my feelings.”

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It may not be a "Drivers License" response.

While we can almost guarantee this song will give us more insight into what exactly is going on between Carpenter and Bassett both professionally and personally, it may not be the "Drivers License" diss track you’re anticipating. 

Since the song was registered in November, it was already finished before "Drivers License" took over our Spotify playlists and our lives. 

Bassett also implied recently that the pair met for the first time while making the song together. 

"I sent her a quick message and was like, 'Hey I think you're really awesome and I have this song I think you would sound great on, let me know what you think,'" he recalled when talking about the song, "And she responded like ten minutes later, gave me her number, and I sent her the song. Fortunately, she liked it so we got together in the studio and it was just a blast to make."

All that’s left to do is set your alarms for March 12 when all will be revealed about Bassett and Carpenter’s upcoming track. 

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