Everything To Know About Halsey's Rumored Baby Daddy, Screenwriter Alev Aydin

Halsey's pregnancy shocked fans.

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Halsey posted a surprise pregnancy announcement today, and fans are reeling over the unexpected news. 

While Halsey has had high-profile relationships with American Horror Story actor Evan Peters and musician Yungblud (real name: Dominic Harrison), it seemed that no one knew Halsey was possibly dating anyone new — until now!

The famed singer tagged filmmaker Alev Aydin in the post, and although most were not aware of her relationship status, the two appear to be together – and very happy!


Who is Halsey's baby daddy, Alev Aydin?

Here is everything you need to know about Halsey’s rumored baby daddy, Alev Aydin.

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He works in the film industry.

Aydin is a screenwriter, producer, actor, and director. 


He wrote and directed a short film called HipMen: Los Angeles, and also wrote and produced the TV series Small Shots (2017).

Aydin’s acting credits include the 2012 short film Mother Hen and a few episodes of General Hospital.

He’s Turkish (and proud).

Aydin is of Turkish heritage and spent some of his childhood in Turkey. 

He often posts throwback photos of himself and his family as well as the country’s landscape, which he has referred to as “the motherland” and “the homeland.”

Halsey addressed Aydin in a New Year’s Eve tweet, in which she wrote “Grateful for you this year and every year, sweets. seni çok seviyorum.” The Turkish words mean “I love you so much.”


He’s an activist for racial justice.

After the murder of George Floyd, Aydin posted a list of Black Lives Matter organizations and relief funds to which he encouraged his followers to donate.

He captioned the image with a passionate call to action, citing “a long history of perpetual atrocity at the hands of police.”

Aydin often publishes his political views and has also spoken out against income inequality and fervently disparaged former President Donald Trump.

He enjoys photography.

Aydin commonly posts his artsy snaps on Instagram. He seems to especially enjoy capturing skylines and cityscapes and plays around with filters on the posts.


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He’s a Pisces.

Aydin was born on March 17th, 1983, placing the 37-year old under the twelfth astrological sign.


Pisces’ strengths include wisdom, compassion, and creativity.

Halsey is a Libra, so the couple’s compatibility is controversial, but they seem to be making it work!

The pair have known each other for years.

Halsey and Aydin were first photographed together back in October before the public had any notion of a relationship between the two, but their interactions go back much further.

According to a report, the two "have been dating for several months," and "Halsey has been low-key about their relationship.”

The source also revealed that Halsey and Aydin “were spending a lot of time at her house in the fall though, and it was obvious that she was happy.”


Back in March 2019, Aydin posted a photo of the two at a Lakers game together, and thanked Halsey “for the courtside experience,” saying it was “very cool.”

Speaking of which…

They’re both Lakers fans.

Aydin frequently tweets about basketball, specifically in support of the LA team, of which Halsey is also an avid fan.


The filmmaker has even posted a childhood photo in which he proudly sports a Lakers jersey.

They have matching tattoos.

In June of 2020, Halsey and Aydin got matching tattoos of the word “Seeds” on their feet – in each other’s handwriting.

Their artist at Liquid Tattoo in Yucca Valley posted on Instagram that Halsey and Aydin were “the sweetest two people.”

She also revealed that Halsey had explained the ink: “‘Seeds’ is for planting seeds. She said this is cosmically the best week to plant seeds in your life.”

Looks like that worked out for them!

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