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The Photos And Meanings Of All Of Halsey's 27 Tattoos

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The Photos And Meanings Of All Of Halsey's Tattoos

Singer and songwriter Halsey is known for so much more than her hit singles and chart-topping collaborations. She is also known for her contributions to suicide prevention awareness and her advocacy for sexual assault awareness

She has never been afraid to stand out and is constantly changing her look whether it's makeup or a new hair color. Halsey also has an appreciation for tattoos which she has been getting since she was 16. 

Tattoos are a beautiful form of artistic expression, and a way to commemorate memories and special moments in your life in a permanent way. Halsey's tattoos that we know of (which is at least 27 — yes, 27!) are beautiful and each one has a meaning or message behind it. 

Here are all 27 of Halsey's tattoos, meanings, and symbolism of each.

1. Anchor tattoo

Photo: Romper

This tattoo is super meaningful for several reasons, one being that this was her very first tattoo. The second being that the tattoo is in honor of her mama, whose initials are inside the little anchor.

"I was really young to have a tattoo, but my mom is covered in them. She's super, super cool, really beautiful, and always had tattoos when I was growing up. So I think looking up to her, I always saw it as an artistic thing. My mom's really artistic and just really, really badass. So I begged her, and begged her, and begged her to let me get a tattoo, and she took me to get one as almost like a fear tactic," Halsey explained during an interview with iHeartRadio News. "She was like, 'Yeah, let's go get anchors on our feet.' And what I didn't know is the foot is one of the most painful spots you can get a tattoo. So she took me to get a tattoo on my foot hoping that it would deter me from getting more because of how bad it would hurt, and it totally backfired on her. It just absolutely backfired. I was like 'This is great! I want to get more!'"

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2. Dagger 13 tattoo

Photo: PopBuzz

This next tattoo she got at just 16 years old! Although it looks like a typical Friday the 13th flash tattoo, this dagger has a special meaning and funny memory. Halsey told iHeartRadio, "I got it in remembrance of a friend that passed away. This one was also when I was 16. I got it with a fake ID. It's awful. I got it in some back alley tattoo shop in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. No joke. It's all scarred and gross. I also went to a friend's senior prom afterwards. And when you're from Jersey, when you go to senior prom, you go down to the beach, you can go down the shore. The seaside. It's the thing, which is super embarrassing, and I could never say [it] in any interview but in this one, which is hilarious because a lot of people reading this are going to know exactly what I'm talking about. We were on the shore, and I had just gotten this tattoo, and I was running on the beach, and rolling around in the sand, and in the water, and came out, and realized the whole thing was just bleeding. I had sand stuck in it, and I was like 'this is why you're supposed to be a grownup when you get a tattoo.'"

3. Double rose tattoo

Photo: Pinterest

These spur of the moment roses were actually inspired by the loss of a relationship. Halsey told iHeart radio, "I just thought they were really pretty, and I had so many ideas for tattoos that I wanted that had such a significant meaning. One tattoo that I was planning on getting had a really significant meaning, and then that person in my life changed. My relationship with that person changed, and it dawned on me, how dumb it can be to get a tattoo of something that you think is going to last forever, because it might not, but the tattoo will. And I think in spirit of that, I went and got something that meant absolutely nothing, and just looked beautiful. It's still one of my favorite tattoos because I'll never dislike it. It just is cool looking. It's really simple. I think it's really elegant."

4. Match stick tattoo

Photo: Steal Her Style

Halsey absolutely adores her fans, so much so that she picked three lucky fans to get matching tattoos with!

According to Steal Her Style, Halsey said, "I got match-ing (get it!) tattoos with them, and that’s the joke. I also told them that an unlit match represents not playing all your good cards like you have one. It’s unlit and I think what that represents is potential. You can strike at any moment. And I told them that when they feel like they’ve reached a point of potential in their life, or they feel like they’ve done something that they wanted to do for a long time, I told them that they should go back, get a flame added to it, and then let me know when they do, because it’s a significant moment. And I told them I would do the same, so I’m just holding out for that moment because I don’t know when I’m going to reach my potential. But hopefully one day something will be enough for me."

5. Mars tattoo

Photo: Romper

Halsey got another set of matching tattoos with a new friend she made during Warped Tour! According to Romper, Halsey stated, "I got Mars because I met a guy on tour that I became really good friends with, and his birthday is on my half birthday, and I'm a Libra. So my ruling planet is Venus, and his ruling planet is Mars, which are also opposites. So it's like opposite birthdays, opposite signs, technically opposite personalities in astrology, but complete opposites, and we were really good friends. So I got Mars, and he got Venus. We got each other's planets."

6. XXX tattoo

Photo: Pinterest

For Halsey, the triple X's on her hand represents multiple things. Halsey explained the meanings, saying, "They mean multiple things. My grandma used to do x's for my brothers and I, so it's me and my two brothers. But it kind of turned into a different meaning, because it almost means like a parental advisory, like it's an explicit thing, which is really funny because I've found many people consider me to be incredibly explicit when I don't realize that I am. So it's almost like a joke, like I myself have a parental advisory label on me, on my body."

7. Serendipity tattoo

Photo: Steal Her Style

This tattoo is very special to Halsey because it represents the love she shares with her mama! Halsey shared a sweet story about the matching tattoo she shares with her mom.

According to Steal Her Style, Halsey said, "I have this tattoo that says “Serendipity” and my mom and I have it matching together. My mom and I have two matching tattoos which is funny because when I was 16 I hated her. But now that I’m 21 I’m like 'let’s get matching tattoos!' So things change. But it’s serendipity, and it sounds really sweet. Serendipity is a happy accident. It’s something that happens that you’re not expecting that ends up being so perfect, with so much synchronicity. And I think that’s how my mother would explain my birth. So it sounds like a really sweet story until I tell you my mom calls me a happy accident."

8. Everything tattoo

Photo: Twitter

Many initially thought that this self-portrait piece was just that, but it actually has a hidden meaning. Halsey got the minimalist portrait tattoo with the message "Everything" underneath in honor of Norwegian electronic musician Lido’s 2016 album Everything. Lido played an important role in Halsey's musical career, serving as the executive producer for her debut album Badlands

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9. Sheet music tattoo

Photo: Steal Her Style

Halsey loves Lido so much she has two tattoos in his honor! According to Steal Her Style, the notes are specific to Lido's signature in songs he's produced, including some for Halsey.

10. Ferox tattoo

Photo: Pinterest

The DIY tattoo has a great story behind it according to Halsey. In an Instagram post, Halsey explained she had a friend do the tattoo back in 2012 and it was a "stick and poke" style tattoo process. Halsey said of the tattoo, "It was given to me with a sewing needle, India ink, and a lot of vodka". As for what "Ferox" means, according to Urban Dictionary, it is the Latin word for strong, courageous, wild. 

11. 511 tattoo

Photo: Romper

The meaning behind this next tattoo is super sweet. Halsey got the "511" in honor of her little brother! Halsey has two younger brothers, Sevian and Dante, and Sevian's birthday is May 11th! Halsey shared the pic above on her Instagram and wrote, "Today is so special to me I’ve had it tattooed on my body for years."

12. Mythosaur tattoo

Photo: PopBuzz

If you're a true Halsey fan, then you know the girl loves Star Wars, so of course, she got a special tattoo! Halsey told iHeartRadio News that "It's a Mandalorian emblem and it's a deep cut Star Wars reference. It's one of the cooler tattoos that I have because it's a Mythosaur skull and it's a Mandalorian emblem. It's the insignia that Boba Fett wears on his helmet. It's a bounty. It's a symbol of bounty hunters, and it kind of represents badass-ness, but it's a very deep cut Star Wars reference."

13. Kissing lovers tattoo

Photo: Steal Her Style

Halsey got this abstract piece along with another tattoo at by ink artist Curt Montgomery, which he featured on his Instagram

14. Hopeless tattoo

Photo: Revelist

Hopeless romantic much? Halsey's second tattoo from Montgomery is on her booty and the singer later revealed that the two tattoos represented her sophomore album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. 

15. I'm a loser baby. 

Photo: Metro

Halsey's neck ink is in honor of the song "Loser" by Beck. The quote which says, "I'm a loser baby" are lyrics from the 90's hit song.  

16. Seventeen tattoo

Photo: PopSugar

This one's pretty simple. 17 is her lucky number!

17. "These violent delights have violent ends" quote tattoo

Photo: Pinterest

This tattoo has a very special memory behind it, one that Halsey uses to remind herself to take things slow in all she does. The singer told iHeartRadio News, "This one I got on Venice Beach right after I signed my record deal. It says 'These violent delights have violent ends.' This tattoo is a little heavy, and a little heavy to talk about, but I got it as a reminder to myself to sort of pace myself. Like violent delights having violent ends, it's a Shakespeare quote from Romeo and Juliet, which is incredibly cliché, but I'm a lover of literature so it makes sense for me. But pretty much what it means is anything you do violently, will end violently.

"And it doesn't mean physical violence. It more refers to excess I believe. It's like if you drink violently, it will end violently. If you love violently, it will end violently. If you do anything violently, like with too much too muchness, it's going to end poorly for you. So, it's kind of entering a world that was a whole new frontier for me, where I was being confronted with tons of new things, and tons of temptation. And then it's just kind of a reminder to keep my head in the game. This is about the music, and not all the glittery things that come with it. It's one of my favorite tattoos."

18. 4 Elements tattoo

Photo: Steal Her Style

The upper thigh piece was inspired by a French novel. Halsey shared a shot of her new ink on social media with a caption saying, "It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important." That quote is from the novel Le Petit Prince by French aristocrat, writer, poet, and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

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19. Om tattoo

Photo: Hollywood Life

Halsey got this Hindu symbol in 2013, and it symbolizes the sound of creation and is considered one of the most spiritual and important symbols in Hinduism. 

20. Upside down horseshoe tattoo

Photo: Pinterest

It's is well known to those who believe it that a horseshoe represents good luck, but apparently, if it's upside down it means the exact opposite. So why would Halsey get unlucky tattoo? According to Romper, Halsey said in an interview that "In tattoo culture, you're not supposed to tattoo a horseshoe upside down because it means all the luck is spilling out, so it's actually bad luck. I got an upside-down horseshoe to signify that I don't need luck. I work really, really hard, and I believe in the stars aligning, but I don't believe that anything happens to anyone based out of sheer luck. I believe people work really hard, and they manifest what they want, and what they need, and what they're hopeful for, and that's what this is - a reminder."

21. Brat tattoo

Photo: OceanUp

The message behind this tat is pretty straight-forward. As many children, Halsey was lovingly nicknamed "Brat" when she was young, so she decided to get it inked in honor of her parents.

22. Heaven in hiding tattoo

Photo: Steal Her Style

This is third tattoo Halsey got in honor of her 2nd Album. "Heaven in hiding" is a song off the album. 

23. Dice tattoo

Photo: Twitter

Halsey got matching double dice tattoos with Paul Klein from the band LANY after doing a surprise performance at their show. Halsey reportedly tweeted earlier that day, “Who in Minneapolis wants to come tattoo me in my hotel room rn,” she tweeted, “Or wants to keep their shop open for me?”

24. Nightmare tattoo

Photo: Tattoo Filter

Although Halsey hasn't shared much about this particular tattoo, she did tweet about it saying, "Not sure how I ended up getting my neck and spine tattooed this month but I guess life comes at u fast."

25. Butterfly.

Photo: Tattoo Filter

This butterfly inked on her forearm is yet another tattoo with a hidden meaning that Halsey has yet to share with her fans, though butterfly tattoos typically symbolize growth and transformation.

26. Playboy Jeans tattoo

Photo: Fandom

Halsey hasn't revealed the meaning behind this Playboy inspired ink, however, her fans have their own theories. According to Fandom, after doing a photo shoot with Playboy, Halsey reportedly had an altercation with a fan on social media who criticized the singer for doing the shoot. Halsey reportedly responded to the fan,"Newsflash. A woman can be multidimensional." You go, girl!

27. Queen of diamonds tattoo


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Halsey's very latest tat is her first and (according to her) last face tattoo. But as far as face tattoos go, this one is pretty subtle. 

We highly doubt this we'll be the last tattoo for Halsey, the singer has stated before that she loves tattoos, so we expect to see many more in the future!

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