Who Is Banu Guler Of Co-Star Astrology App?

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Who Is Banu Guler Of Co-Star Astrology App?

Chances are you’ve probably heard of Co-Star when searching the App Store or looking at what's popular in astrology apps.

Even if you don’t know a lot about astrology, you may have heard of Co-Star on Facebook by people who love it, hate it, or want to connect with you on it to track your compatibility.

Who started Co-Star and what's Behind this app's popularity and success is CEO Banu Guler who designed the app with her two friends, Ben Weitzman and Anna Kopp.

Who is Banu Guler?

With an eye for detail, the determination to get things done, Banu shines brightest with her Scorpio Sun, Cancer rising, and Leo Moon. 


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Guler was born in Texas and into a family that fostered her knowledge of astrology.

Later in life, she thought that she would enjoy creating an app based on astrology that would allow people like her and her friends that was useful and fun.

She loved reading old magazine horoscopes when she was younger and she credits those with getting her into astrology in the first place.

Guler used to work in design before she began thinking about creating her app.

She began to consider the idea of Co-Star in December 2016, and worked hard with the other co-founders to launch the app in October of 2017.

The group did a ton of research to create the best app possible; they read plenty of astrology books and worked with astrologers to gather information.

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What is Co-Star

In a 2020 interview with Bustle with writer Kaitlyn Wylde, Guler said, “The point of Co-Star isn’t that it’s an app or that it's astrology, even though those things are both true...It's that it brings people together whether or not they’re into astrology. ... The magical thing about astrology is that it makes conversations possible.”

Co-Star is a very popular app, powered by an AI, that uses public NASA data to provide notifications, horoscopes, birth charts, and more to users.

The app also allows you to connect with friends and see their charts as well as your own.

Your birth chart is created using your birth time, birthday, and birth location. Where everything in the universe was at this specific time and day can explain everything about you and truly summarize you as a person, which is exactly what Co-Star does.

Known for its accurate (sometimes too accurate) push notifications, Co-Star is great at sending you that advice or thought you didn’t need. Based entirely on NASA’s public data, these notifications are a favorite aspect of Co-Star that people love.

Lovers of astrology and astrology newbies all love the app and it doesn’t matter if you have prior experience with astrology or not; it is perfect for people of any knowledge or interest level.

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