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2 Free Astrology Apps To Get Your Zodiac Sign's Natal Birth Chart

2 Free Astrology Apps To Get Your Zodiac Sign's Natal Birth Chart

Are you dying to learn more about astrology by way of your natal birth chart? There is so much to learn about your zodiac sign's personality traits that can be found in your full natal chart.

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From your ascending sign, Moon sign and even the planets' positions on the day of your birth, when you plug in your date of birth, country and time, viola, you get to see what astrology has to say about you!

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You can check out one of the latest astrology software out on the web for your desktop or download an app instead. Pulling up your natal chart, and you can practice reading the charts of your friends and families to get familiar with what's happening with zodiac signs and the houses each day?

If those terms were overwhelming to you, don't worry. There's plenty of time to learn more about horoscopes and luckily there are apps that can help simplify the process for you. Before you head to the app store lets’ review what I think are the top 4 apps that help make learning astrology and daily horoscopes fun to learn.

1. Co-Star Personalized Astrology

Co-Star Astrology app is free and tells you your entire natal chart (e.g. sun in Taurus, Venus in Aries, etc.). In addition to the chart, it also shows planet-by-planet compatibility, has a feature that lets you keep a track of your friends' signs and has real-time updates as the planets move. This app is available in the app store for all iOS devices and has a 4.9 App-Store rating.

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2. Time Passages

The Time Passages app is free and gives you your entire astrological birth chart, and you can add in a friends chart, to learn more about each other's rising signs, as well as your daily astrological progressions.

Another cool and unique feature is that Moon phases and upcoming Mercury retrograde periods are placed on your home screen for easy reference. Unfortunately however for this one, everything besides your daily horoscope, chart, and rising sign has an extra cost. This app is available in the app store for all iOS devices and has a 4.5 App-Store rating.

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