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Meghan King Shows Off New Boyfriend On Instagram Two Months After Splitting With Ex — Meet Will Roos

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Meghan King

On Jan 16, television personality and former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King took to her Instagram Story to reveal that she has begun a new romance.

The news comes just two months after King split with her ex-boyfriend, Christian Schauf, in Nov. of last year.

"Need to tell y'all something," she wrote alongside a mirror selfie of the two of them on her Instagram Story.

"Meet my friend @willroos. We have been friends for a year," she captioned another slide, adding, "We met as a love interest and that fizzled into friends. Obviously now that designation has shifted. Welp, now here we are. Sometimes funny things happen in a funny way." 

Who is Meghan King's boyfriend, Will Roos?

The former reality TV star expressed her excitement about the new relationship, gushing that she and Roos “have so much fun together”. 

This indeed seems to be true, as the couple has been enjoying a romantic getaway in Las Vegas full of Italian dinners and sunbathing by the pool.

Here's everything to know about King's hot new real estate investor beau, including details about their new romance.

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He’s not as famous as King.

Will Roos is a bit of a mystery. His exact age and date of birth are unknown, but he is estimated to be in his early 40s.

Roos only has just over three thousand Instagram followers, which is a sharp contrast with Meghan’s one million followers. 

He founded an extremely successful property company. 

Roos is the principal of Element Property Company, a Los Angeles real estate investment firm which he founded in December 2008.

According to the company’s website, “Will has acquired over $1 Billion of Multi-family assets in markets across the U.S.”

The mogul’s net worth, unfortunately, remains unpublished.

He’s a traveler.

Roos currently resides in Los Angeles; but his travels have taken him all across the world!

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The real estate mogul seems to especially enjoy beach destinations. According to his Instagram, he has visited Hawaii, Capri, and Fiji; and spends a lot of time fishing and sunbathing in the Bahamas.

He also loves cars and attends many shows to inspect and praise new models.

He’s a Virgo.

Will Roos was born between late August and late September, aligning him with the sixth astrological sign.

Some Virgo characteristics include logic, reliability, and a hardworking attitude.

He’s an adrenaline junkie.

Roos enjoys extreme sports such as cliff jumping, mountain biking, and heli-skiing!

The daring adventurer has even subjected himself to “sketchy” flights in small planes. 

Roos’s other athletic interests include surfing and snowboarding.

He has a hippie side.

Yoga is another one of Roos’s hobbies. He has also attended many music festivals, and his Instagram feed includes references to marijuana and classic jam band Phish.

He’s a jokester.

Roos is often poking fun at himself, even in distressing situations – such as when he lost a pickup truck to the Atlantic!

He has a lot of school spirit.

Roos attended the University of Southern California, where he obtained a BA in International Relations

He was a part of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity and continues to reflect fondly on the organization in throwback photos. The alum keeps up with his former school’s sporting events and enthusiastically supports the Trojans.

He’s a foodie.

Roos’s social media posts include gourmet meals he has enjoyed, ranging from a five-pound lobster to French-style escargot.

He’s also a big fan of alcoholic beverages. Besides his new boo’s stories of the two throwing back shots in an Uber, Roos’s own Instagram feed includes many images of liquor selections and cocktails. 

He's even posted a photo of a wine named after him!

He’s a family man.

Meghan’s new man has no children of his own, but he is an uncle! Will appears to dote on his nephew Ethan Page Roos, now age two.

He seems to be a big family man, posting many holiday photos and references to fun times with relatives, as well as close friends.

If he and King were to tie the knot, we hope Roos would make a fun and devoted stepdad to her three kids!

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