Who Is Ariana Grande's Boyfriend? Everything You Need To Know About Dalton Gomez

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Who Is Ariana Grande's Boyfriend? Everything You Need To Know About Dalton Gomez
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For awhile now, it's seemed like Ariana Grande has been all about doing her own thing, but could that be changing? 

In new photos that surfaced this week, the singer was seen kissing a mystery man, and now, we have to wonder if that means she's in a new relationship. 

So who is Ariana Grande's boyfriend? Here's what we know about Dalton Gomez.

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Grande was seen kissing a man at a pub in February.

Paparazzi video caught Grande kissing an unknown man while at Bar Louie in Northridge, California. They weren't on a solo date, though — they were joined by Grande's other friends, and the group arrived a little after one in the morning. Grande ordered water and requested that the DJ at the pub change the song when her hit, "God Is A Woman" started playing — not that we can blame her for that because it had to be a bit awkward. The group stayed for about 30 minutes before leaving, and Grande opted not to partake in any booze consumption.  

Recently, Grande was linked to Mikey Foster.

After Grande's song with Social House, "Boyfriend," dropped last year, there have been rumors that she's dating Mikey Foster, who starred in the music video. But the man in this video doesn't look much like him, and Grande's brother, Frankie, tweeted at the time that his sister was actually single ... but he has since deleted the tweet. Either way, it seems like Foster is not this dude.

Fans are debating whether or not the girl in the photos is even Grande.

Fans on Twitter are busy trying to crack who the guy with Grande is but at the same time, many are doubtful that she's even the woman in the video. Given the fact that Grande reportedly talked to the sources herself about not playing her song, it seems likely that it is her, but that hasn't stopped fans from having their doubts. 

"It could be, but with all those people pretending to be her and being obsessive with her it's really hard to tell," one fan tweeted. "I don't think Ariana Grande would really need a boyfriend right now bc of her health and that sh*t. Just putting it out there."

However, Grande has been spending time in LA, where the video was taken. 

Adding to the evidence that Grande is the woman from the video is the fact that she's been spotted in LA recently, from paparazzi shots of her driving her car to being spotted at Disneyland. It's probably safe to assume that it is actually her but that doesn't help us identify who the man in question is.


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So far, Grande isn't talking. 

As far as Grande herself goes, if she is in a relationship, it's not something she's sharing at this time. On Twitter, she's been chatting with fans about new music and on Instagram, there's absolutely zero evidence of anyone she might be seeing. If this is a legit relationship, it's still very new ... and knowing Grande, she'll fill fans in when she's ready.

Who is Ariana Grande's boyfriend? His identity has been revealed!

There's been a mystery man in Grande's social media feed, a man that's been identified as real estate agent Dalton Gomez. Though his face has been obscured in her Instagram stories, you can see him playing with Grande's pooch, Toulouse, and sources say that the couple has been together for several months. Given how much facetime they'll get amid the coronavirus pandemic social distancing orders, seems like they'll have plenty of time to really get to know each other!

He works for luxury real estate brand Aaron Kirman Group, 

The group did $528,000,000 in residential real estate in the last year, according to their site.

Gomez is a real estate agent with Aaron Kirman Group or AKG and his bio on the site says,

"Born and raised Southern California native and a 5 year veteran of the Luxury Real Estate Market, Dalton Gomez serves as the sole buyers agent for Aaron Kirman. Additionally, he served as the Director of Operations for Aaron Kirman Group during his first 3 years with the company, running all day-to-day operations of the top luxury real estate team in LA.

From this vast experience, Mr. Gomez now holds one of the largest rolodexes of A-list buyers and is already connecting many high profile deals across the city. More recently, he has represented significant sales including Pierre Koenig's Case Study #21 and Craig Ellwood's Case Study #16. Along with Mr. Kirman, Dalton also represents the only Oscar Niemeyer House in North America and many other notable works by architects such as Neutra, Lautner, A. Quincy Jones, etc."

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