Is Dustin Diamond Dying? 'Saved By The Bell' Star Hospitalized For Serious 'Mystery' Illness

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Dustin Diamond
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Saved By The Bell’s Dustin Diamond is seeking treatment in Florida after being rushed to hospital in severe pain. 

The actor’s team has revealed that he was feeling pain across his entire body before going to the hospital. 

After his initial hospitalisation, the actor's team released a statement to say, "It's serious, but we don't know how serious yet. He's at an undisclosed hospital in Florida and will probably go home after treatments. We just want him to get well soon."

However, new details reveal a more definite diagnosis for the actor. 

Is Dustin Diamond dying?

Here's everything to know about the Saved by the Bell alum's "mystery" illness

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His representatives have confirmed the actor has cancer.

Diamond was initial set to undergo tests and a possible biopsy in order to determine the exact cause of his pain. 

However, in a follow up statement posted to the actor's official Facebook page on Jan. 15, it was confirmed that, sadly, the actor had been diagnosed with cancer. In the statement, the actor's team welcomed well wishes and cards by providing an postal and email address for fans who wished to get in touch with Dustin.

One of Dustin's representatives later told the press that the diagnosis is "serious" and confirmed it was stage four cancer. Diamond will be undergoing chemotherapy in hospital for at least another week, after which he will likely be able to return home whilst still continuing treatment. 

The 44-year-old actor has a family history of cancer, including losing his mother to the illness. 

Dustin Diamond is best known for playing ‘Screech’ on Saved By The Bell, a teen sitcom that aired throughout the early 90s. 

He reprised his role as Samuel "Screech" Powers in the 1992 TV movie Saved By The Bell: Hawaiian Style and the 1993 sequel series Saved By The Bell: The College Years

From 1994 to 2000, Powers also starred in a spin-off of the original show titled Saved By The Bell: The New Class

However, when Peacock launched a reboot starring many of the original main cast members late last year, it was revealed that Dustin Diamond would not be returning as Screech.

Though the creators of the show did not offer an explanation for Diamond’s exclusion from the reboot, the characters revealed in an episode that Screech was allegedly living on the International Space Station. 

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Diamond expressed his disappointment and confusion at not being recast in the show, saying he was unaware of the Saved By The Bell reboot until it was officially announced.

Diamond married his longtime girlfriend Jennifer Misner in 2009 but the pair later separated. 

Diamond has had a difficult past few years in the public eye.

In 2015, he spent a brief stint in jail for his role in a Wisconsin bar fight.  He was convicted of two misdemeanors, disorderly conduct, and carrying a concealed weapon.

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He later reconciled with his former Saved By The Bell castmate Mario Lopez to discuss the altercation, stating that he was acting in defense of his then-fiancee Amanda Schutz who was injured during the incident. 

He also set the record straight about a memoir published in his name that implied the cast of Saved By The Bell abused substances throughout the filming of the show. 

Diamond said his ghostwriter only spoke to him for 40 minutes in order to write the book. He stated he was just as shocked and appalled by the book as his castmates. 

Outside of acting, Diamond has also pursued a career as a stand-up comedian. Here’s hoping he makes a full and rapid recovery so he can return to the stage.

Remember to visit your doctor for regular check-ups, especially if you’re experiencing unusual pain. Many doctors are available for virtual consultations from your home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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