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Are Madison LeCroy And Jay Cutler Dating? The 'Southern Charm' Star Speaks Out About Dating Rumors

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Are Madison LeCroy and Jay Cutler Dating?

If the on-screen drama on Southern Charm wasn’t enough to get your head around, prepare to be even more shocked by what Madison LeCroy is getting up to when cameras aren’t rolling. 

The reality TV star has been linked to former NFL player Jay Cutler.

Madison LeCroy, who ended her on-again, off-again romance with co-star Austen Croll in late 2020, kept her cards close to her chest as she addressed dating rumors on Watch What Happens Live in the interview with Andy Cohen below.

When asked if she had been enjoying some adventures with Jay Cutler, Madison responded that she was “not kissing and telling”. Sounds like neither a confirmation nor a denial!

Cutler, who split from Kristen Cavallari in April 2020, has remained hush about his dating life and has yet to address the rumors. 

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Are Jay Cutler and Madison LeCroy dating?

Despite Madison’s coy response, fans have been noticing her and Jay Cutler’s flirty exchanges on social media. 

LeCroy commented “See y’all soon,” on one photo on Jay’s Instagram and she also reacted with a fire emoji comment on another.

These rumors come after speculation that Madison’s ex Austen has been spending time with Jay’s ex Kristen Cavallari. The pair partied together in Nashville in Dec. 2020 but both have shut down any dating rumors.

Madison LeCroy discussed this with WWHL host Andy Cohen who asked, “What did you think of Austen hanging out with Kristen Cavallari? Did you watch any of their adventures on Instagram?”

Madison responded by saying, “I was busy having my own adventures, but no, I did not.”

It was then that Cohen addressed the Jay Cutler rumors by asking whether she’d had, “An adventure of the Jay Cutler kind?” to which Madison firmly replied, “I’m not kissing and telling.”

While only time will tell if things progress between Madison and Jay, it’s safe to say that a Kristen and Austen relationship is off the cards. 

Kristen recently confirmed her relationship with Jeff Dye after exchanging “I Love Yous” during an Instagram live.

This comes just months after announcing she was parting ways with Jay. The exes were together for 10 years and share three children.

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What happened between Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll?

In episodes of Southern Charm that aired last year, Madison revealed that she’d called it quits with Austen Croll after 3 years over fears that Croll was not taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and refusing to follow social-distancing rules.  

Madison, who shares her 8-year-old son Hudson with her ex-husband said that Kroll was not “step-dad material," declaring that the door was closed on their relationship. 

In her interview on WWHL, she revealed that Austen had texted her moments before the show but that she was trying to avoid him since the pair do not get along. Madison also said that the last text she had sent her ex was "I hate you". Let's hope things go better with Jay!

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