Mark-Paul Gosselaar Returns As Zack Morris In New ‘Saved By The Bell’ Trailer — Meet His Wife, Catriona McGinn

Meet Catriona McGinn!

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Sorry, ladies, Zack Morris is taken. 

Mark-Paul Gosselaar reprised his iconic role as Zack Morris in the newest trailer for the Saved By the Bell reboot, which is set to hit Peacock on Nov. 25, and fans can’t get enough of the grown-up Zack Morris!

While he and Kelly Kapowski, played by Tiffani Thiessen, are still together on-screen, it’s his off-screen love life that we’re curious about.

Who is Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s wife, Catriona McGinn?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the real Mrs. Zack Morris.


What is Catriona McGinn’s age?

Catriona McGinn was born on June 22, 1978, which makes her a 42-year-old Cancer

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What does Catriona McGinn do for a living?

Catriona McGinn is an advertising executive but because of her height (she’s a few inches taller than the 5-foot-11 Gosselaar when she’s in heels) many people mistake her for a model!


She also has a few television credits to her name. She appeared on 14 episodes of Flipping Out as a design associate from 2014-2018, and has also appeared on three episodes of her husband’s co-star’s cooking show, Dinner at Tiffani’s

When did Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Catriona McGinn get married?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Catriona McGinn got married on July 28, 2012 at the Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, California. 

“Much of my family is from the United Kingdom,” McGinn said while speaking about the choice of their venue. “So I really wanted to show off the beautiful wine country and great California weather.”

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She also revealed that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house after Gosselaar read his vows.

“Mark-Paul’s vows made me cry, as well as the rest of the congregation,” she gushed.

The pair honeymooned in Italy, and in an interview at the time, Mark-Paul dished on their plans as newlyweds: “Trust me, we are going to eat our a**es off!” he said. “We’re really excited about that element.”

Who are Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s kids?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar has two teenage children from his previous marriage to Lisa Ann Russell: Michael Charles Gosselaar and Ava Lorenn Gosselaar.

His kids live a relatively private life, and in 2016, Gosselaar admitted that he didn’t want his son to “follow in his footsteps.”


“I think he has a future as something in the industry,” he said, responding to a question about whether his son would go into acting or sports. Gosselaar starred in the TV series Pitch at the time of the interview.

“He has athletic ability, but doesn't want to be an athlete,” he continued. “He wants to do something in this business, so I will support that.”

“I think I would be more supportive when he turns 18. I wouldn't want him to go through it as a child, but when he becomes 18 he can do whatever he wants,” he added, referencing his own experience as a child actor growing up in the spotlight.

Who are Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Catriona McGinn’s kids?

Catriona has two children with Mark-Paul: Lachlyn Hope Gosselaar and Dekker Edward Gosselaar, who also live pretty private lives. 


It doesn’t look like Catriona McGinn has an Instagram account, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar only has four posts on his official Instagram, so it’s tough to get an inside look at the pair’s family life.

He did, however, post a rare group shot of himself, Catriona, and his four kids at Legoland in April of 2019 on Twitter.


What is Catriona McGinn’s net worth?

It is unclear as to what Catriona McGinn’s net worth currently is.

What is Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s net worth?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, on the other hand, is reportedly worth around $8 million.

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