Joe Giudice Confirms Relationship With Lawyer Daniela Fittipaldi One Day After Ex Teresa Goes Public With New BF

The timing is impeccable.

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It looks like Joe Giudice has officially moved on.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, Joe Guidice and his ex-wife, Teresa Giudice, were embattled in a high-profile tax fraud case starting in 2013. 

Both Teresa and Joe served time for their crimes; however, Joe Giudice — an Italy native — found himself fighting a very different battle when he was turned over to ICE custody following the completion of his prison sentence. 


He was deported to Italy in Oct. 2019, and over a year later, it looks like Joe Giudice has finally found love again after his tumultuous history with Teresa Giudice.

Who is Joe Giudice’s girlfriend, Daniela Fittipaldi?

Here’s everything you need to know about Joe Giudice’s new lady love, including details about the first time she met his two oldest daughters.

You can see a picture of Giudice's new beau by clicking through the Instagram post below.

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Daniela Fittipaldi is a lawyer.

Well, that’s certainly convenient, given the Giudice’s rocky legal history!

“I wouldn’t say that we’re boyfriend, girlfriend, but we’re kind of, like, hanging out a lot,” Giudice told talk show host Wendy Williams earlier in 2020. 

They’ve been together for a few months now.

While Giudice’s new girlfriend’s identity has just been revealed, the pair have been seeing each other for some time now — after all, even though Giudice says he talks to his ex-wife, Teresa, all the time, he made a point to acknowledge the fact that since he’s been in Italy, he’s been surrounded by beautiful women.

"I mean, listen, we talk every day but, we kind of moved on already. What are you going to do? It's been a while. If I was living there, it would be a different story, but I'm not. I'm over here, eight hours away in Italy, full of a bunch of Italian women,” he said in an interview.


Seems like Fittipaldi must’ve been one of those beautiful women he was talking about!

She’s a private person.

Fittipaldi’s Instagram profile is private, but in her bio, she says that she is a lawyer, dog lover, food blogger, chef at home, and into fitness. 

Sounds like the perfect match for Giudice!

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Fittipaldi has already met two of Joe Giudice’s daughters. 

Joe Giudice’s two eldest daughters, Gia and Milania, met Fittipaldi when they visited him in Italy in November. 

“They all bonded really well,” an insider familiar with the situation said

She appeared in one of his YouTube videos.

Daniella Fittipaldi reportedly appeared in one of Joe Giudice’s YouTube videos alongside his daughters last month. 

It seems like one of the hobbies Giudice picked up since his relocation to Italy is YouTube vlogger, and his channel has a ton of “Experience Italy with Joe Giudice” videos on it. 


She’s a fan of Joe Giudice’s ex-wife.

And while you think this may cause some drama between the parties involved, rest assured, there’s no drama to be seen here, even though Joe Giudice went public with his new romance just one day after his ex-wife went Instagram official with her new beau.

“Teresa and Joe remain very supportive of one another. He’s happy for her and she’s happy for him,” an insider dished about the former couple’s current relationship with one another. “They are both in very good places in their lives and are rooting for each other to succeed and be happy.”

Sounds like everyone in the Giudice family are all finally in a good place.

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