Why Is RHONJ's Jennifer Aydin Defending Her Sex Life And Shading Bethenny Frankel?

Sex talks, Insta feuds, and Housewives, oh my!

Who is Jennifer Aydin? New Details On The RHONJ'S Sex Life And Her Beef With Bethanny Frankel Getty

The latest season of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" is already proving to be hot and bothered. Jennifer Aydin, a relatively recent addition to the cast (she joined the Bravo show in 2018), is bringing up the level of drama on and off the show. Just this week, she called out Joe Gorga for lying about his sex life and dissed Bethenny Frankel over some Instagram comments

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Jennifer was lobbing her bombs from the couch on Andy Cohen's set at "Watch What Happens Live" so she didn't have to face either Joe or Bethenny when she was tossing shade their way. She had the unusual luxury of getting to say things about her fellow Housewives without them being in the room to respond immediately. What will happen when they hear what she says? Only time will tell, but we are here for it!

Who is Jennifer Aydin? Read on for all the details. 

1. Jennifer Aydin is back for her second season of RHONJ.

Jennnifer Aydin joined the Real Housewives of New Jersey in season 9 and now she's back on the show for season 10. The 42-year-old is married to Bill Aydin, a plastic surgeon. The couple has five children, Justin, 14, Gabriella, 11, Jacob, 10, Christian 7, and Olivia, 6.  


2. Joe Gorga thinks there must be something wrong with Jennifer's marriage.

In a recent episode, the women of the show were all in Jamaica to celebrate Jennifer's birthday. While they were gone, the men gathered to play poker and talk about sex. They immediately started trying to one-up each other about how many times a week they and their wives are rolling in the hay. Bill Aydin stood alone in lamenting that sex isn't as frequent in his relationship with Jennifer. He intimated that they have sex more than once a month — but not much more.

Joe Gorga acted shocked about that. "I have to have sex at least five days a week," he in a confessional. "You gotta release that poison. If you don't release that poison, you're not happy." Where he got the idea that semen is a poison that needs to be released was not explained.

He did, however, elaborate on how he felt about the idea of a marriage with less frequent sex than he claims to have. "Anyone that's banging once a month has definitely got something wrong in their marriage," he declared. 

3. Jennifer doesn't even believe he has sex that much.

When Jennifer was on "Watch What Happens Live," Andy Cohen asked her what she thought of Joe's comments about sex and the state of her marriage. She brushed it all off, saying she didn't believe he was telling the truth. "But if Popeye the sailor man wants to talk about his squirting every five minutes, I'm entertained," she said in response to Joe's bragging. 


In an interview with Page Six, Jennifer was a little more candid about the way her relationship with her husband has changed over the years. "My husband and I, where we are sexually in our relationship, it’s not — it didn’t start off like that," she said referring to times when they had more time for sex. "Are you kidding? We had five kids. People thought we were rabbits, OK? The way that we were going, it has evolved to that because my kids are still little and they still need Mama.”

"We’ve got to get creative, OK?” she confessed about trying to have sex with five kids running around. “That doesn’t mean my man is not taking care of... Sometimes when he’s feeling a little frisky, I’m like, ‘All right, let’s go to the bathroom. I’ll give you 15 minutes.’ And I put my man to bed if you know what I mean. So it may not be outright sex in the sense that you know it, but he is getting some action one way or another."



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4. Bethenny isn't impressed with Jennifer's humor.

Joe Gorga isn't the only one calling out perceived shortcomings about Jennifer. Former Housewife Bethenny slipped into the Bravo comments to throw shade at Jennifer's description of herself as “I’m the funny girl. I’m a comedian. I get off at making people laugh.” When WWHL brought that line up on social media, Bethenny quipped "Said nobody funny about themselves ever." Jennifer clapped back in the comments, writing “Well, I guess there’s a first time for everything. And you’re so right, the things I say, ‘said nobody ever!’ #original #funnygirl.”



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5. Jennifer didn't leave the comments in the comments section.

Andy Cohen is never one to leave a pot unstirred so he made sure to ask Jennifer about the Insta-spat going on between her and Bethenny. The self-styled comedian had some material all prepared to diss Bethenny. "Didn’t she leave Housewives? Isn’t she on to bigger and better things?”

“If she wants to make a "Tales from the Crypt" comeback, I’m sure she can get some cast members,” Jennifer added. “I heard she’s into producing now. She can get [New Jersey Housewife Margaret Josephs] to join her cast.”


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6. Will Bethenny fire back at Jennifer?

Bethenny hasn't come back to comment on social media so far. As Jennifer alluded to, she did leave RHONY last year to focus on other projects. The SkinnyGirl founder said in a statement that she wants to explore producing shows with Mark Brunett that "which represents a shift in the conversation for women.” She also wants to spend more time with her daughter Brynn who is nine. Bethenny and Brynn's father Jason Hoppy separated in 2016 but custody negotiations have dragged on for years and the marriage is still not legally dissolved.

7. Margaret Josephs had something to say

When RHONJ alum Margaret Josephs got word of Jennifer's comments, she took to Twitter to clap back at Aydin. She wrote: "What’s truly funny is in ten years no one will know who Jennifer ever was. Bethenny will still be spending her time making power moves and giving back to all those in need. I landed the plane too bad you couldn’t land a joke #youwerecringeworthy." And that was just the start of it. There's a lengthy Twitter stream from Margaret about the latest episode of RHONJ.  


"Real Housewives of New Jersey" airs on Bravo. 

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