Queen Elizabeth’s Granddaughter Zara Tindall Is Pregnant! Meet Her Husband, Mike Tindall

Congrats to the soon-to-be parents of three!

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The world is getting another royal baby.

Queen Elizabath’s granddaughter, Zara Tindall, is pregnant with her and her husband’s third child!

Tindall’s husband, Mike Tindall, announced the news on an episode of the podcast he hosts.

"It's been a good week for me, had a little scan last week — third Tindall on its way,” he said on The Good, The Bad, and The Rugby podcast on Dec. 9.

While the world may be more familiar with Zara Tindall, thanks to her ties to Queen Elizabeth, we’re interested in knowing more about her husband of nearly a decade, Mike Tindall.


Who is Zara Tindall’s husband, Mike Tindall?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Mike Tindall, including more details about his wife’s third pregnancy and what he hopes to name their little bundle of joy.

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He’s a former professional rugby player.

That alone should explain the title of his podcast!

Mike Tindall was a professional rugby player for more than a decade, playing for Bath for about eight years before signing with their rival team, Gloucester, for a three-year contract.

He announced his official retirement in 2014, and began coaching after that.

He’s incredibly active.

That should come as no surprise, seeing as Mike Tindall is a former professional athlete!

One scroll through his Instagram will show you that Mike Tindall still loves staying active, and spends a lot of time playing golf, cycling, and spending time outdoors with his buds.


How did Mike and Zara Tindall meet?

Prince Harry reportedly introduced the pair at a bar back in 2003 while they were in Australia for the Rugby World Cup, where Mike was competing on England’s team.

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Unfortunately, before the semi-finals, Tindall was dropped from the team. He was reportedly drowning his sorrows in the bar when he and Zara first met.


“She was on her gap year and in Australia with friends," he said. "Clive (Woodward, the coach) had just told me I was dropped for the semi-final, so I went out for a beer with two others who weren't playing, Martin Corry and Austin Healey.”

“Zara was in the same bar; we got introduced but didn't speak that much,” he revealed, adding, “Later on, Austin gave me her number and said, 'She wants you to text her, to say where you're all going out after the final so she can come along.'"

The pair became official in 2004 after they both returned to England for good, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Mike and Zara Tindall have been married for nearly a decade.

Mike and Zara Tindall got married on July 30, 2011 in Edinberg, Scotland, just months after Prince William and Kate Middleton’s lavish royal wedding.


There were over 400 guests at the Tindall wedding, including Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Philip.

They have two children together.

Zara and Mike Tindall have two children together already: Mia Grace (6) and Lena Elizabeth (2).

He’s hoping for a boy.

Although Mike Tindall will surely be happy if his wife has another girl, he’s really hoping that their third child will be a bouncing baby boy!


"I'd like a boy this time, I've got two girls, I would like a boy,” he said. “I'll love it whether a boy or a girl -- but please be a boy."

Tindall also joked about naming their third child in remembrance of 2020, saying, “We're not sure what to do Covi or Covina -- I don't know where to go with names."

Congrats to the happy couple on their third child!

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