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New Details About The Weird Birthing Rules Kate Middleton Was Supposed To Follow With Royal Baby #3 — And Which Ones She Broke

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New Details About The Weird Birthing Rules Kate Middleton Had To Follow With Royal Baby #3

Kate Middleton welcomed royal baby No. 3 into the world April 23, and there were some strange rules she had to follow while giving birth.

The royal family follows a lot of traditions and rituals in almost every aspect of life, including the addition of a new royal baby.

According to inside sources, the rules were so strictly written, that she and her husband, Prince William reportedly had to break a few. 

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The Sun released a list of interesting protocols the Duchess of Cambridge had to adhere to during and after her delivery.

The first rule, which Kate did not stick to, is that The Queen must be the first to be informed of the royal baby’s arrival.

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Traditionally, an announcement is posted outside of the Buckingham Palace for the public to read.

Kate, on the other hand, decided to announce the birth of her child via Twitter. Welcome to the 21st Century, Her Majesty!

The town crier is expected to publicly announce the birth of a royal baby. Tony Appleton is the current crier, who follows a tradition from medieval times.

The customs state that a home birth is preferred, although the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have welcomed all three of their children into their family at the same hospital in London.

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She may have wanted to give birth at her home, but Daily Mail reports that she was not able to due to complications.

“The Duchess knew it wasn't possible for her first baby to be born at home, but she asked for a home birth for the second, officials and doctors thought it too risky,” a source told the outlet. “There was concern and in the end she decided against it.”

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The Queen had all of her children inside the Buckingham Palace.

Fathers are not permitted to be in the room while the baby is born, another rule the royal parents broke.

Prince William was present in the delivery room while Kate delivered baby No. 3.

This rule is not followed as strictly as the others, though, according to The Sun. It was reportedly relaxed after Prince Charles was born.

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And finally, any midwives that are involved with the birth of a royal baby are not allowed to speak about the baby’s birth.

As YourTango previously reported, the newest addition to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s family was born a happy and healthy baby at 11:03 a.m.

“The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news,” a statement from Kensington Palace reads. “Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well.”

The baby boy’s name has not been disclosed to the public yet.

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