What Makes A Pisces Mad?

One of the feelings Pisces feels so strongly.

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Born between February 19 - March 20, sensitive Pisces is connected to their emotions, and sometimes without meaning to you can make a pisces mad.

When they feel, they feel strongly.

When a Pisces gets upset, they get really angry.

Pisces may be feeling a lot of other emotions as well in conjunction with their anger, so it’s important to understand the root cause of that anger to really understand how a Pisces is feeling.


What makes a Pisces mad?

Hurt feelings or being misunderstood can cause a Pisces zodiac sign to get angry.

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Making a Pisces mad can be heartbreaking because along with their anger, they are probably also feeling hurt and sad.


No one wants to emotionally wound someone that they care about.

To avoid making a Pisces mad, you have to know what sort of things can trigger that anger.

Read on to see what makes a Pisces mad, according to astrology:

1. Insensitivity

Pisces is a water sign making them particularly connected to their emotions and the emotions of others.

Not everyone is as aware of emotions which can cause them to come off as insensitive.

Not considering how words or actions may make someone else feel really makes a Pisces mad.

All they want is respect and consideration.

Acting insensitively can come from an ignorance of others' feelings or the complete disregard of those feelings despite being aware of them.


Either one will anger Pisces.

Because they are so strongly connected to emotions, Pisces doesn’t understand how someone else could not.

And the total apathy of someone’s feelings while having total awareness of them is even worse for Pisces.

2. Stubbornness

Pisces is a mutable sign. Because they are born at the end of a season, mutable signs are adaptable and accepting of changes.

Stubborn people make mutable Pisces mad because of their unwillingness to adapt to changing circumstances.

Pisces will feel like the stubborn people are holding them back from moving forward and their frustration will turn to anger.

Pisces, who can adapt easily, does not understand why someone would be so unyielding.


To stop Pisces’ anger if you are the stubborn person they are mad at, you must open your mind to different perspectives and the possibility of change.

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3. Losing a loved one

Whether because of death, a falling out, distance, or whatever the reason may be, Pisces is not only sad but mad.

They feel angry when they lose someone that they were once close to.

Pisces is represented by two fish circling each other.

The mythology behind this symbol is that Aphrodite and Eros, the two love gods, disguised themselves as fish to escape a sea monster.

The two love gods were also tethered together so that they would not lose each other.


Given the mythology behind the emblem that represents Pisces, they do not take well to detachment.

Losing someone they love evokes many feelings in Pisces, one of the biggest ones is anger.

4. Closed-minded people

Pisces is an imaginative, creative sign.


Pisces’ ruling planet is Jupiter inclining them to spirituality and creativity.

Their imagination keeps Pisces’ mind open to endless possibilities.

When someone is closed-minded, Pisces gets mad.

Pisces will want to grab that person by the shoulders to open up their mind.

Pisces won’t feel listened to by someone with a closed mind causing them to feel disrespected or invisible.

Closed-minded people also tend to be stubborn and insensitive and you already know how those qualities play out with Pisces.

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Colleen Fogarty is a writer who covers self-care, astrology, and relationship topics.